Ready to Amplify your Impact & Income with Wellness?

I'd love to share my 'how I got started with doterra' Once Upon a Time story with you...

Once upon a time, there was a busy Canadian-Kiwi mum. She was a go-getter and loved her business Go to Girl helping other women in business. She realised however that while she had flexibility to create her own schedule, good money and a fun and awesome community of women, she had no 'insurance policy'. Meaning everything she did and earned relied on her being healthy, well and present.

What she craved was 'leveraged' exponential income that not only allowed her to make money while she was at the beach (literally) but also enabled her to really amplify her positive impact on the world.

So when one of her clients showed her the oils and the business model, Nat was in! Helping more overwhelmed women and overworked entrepreneurs? YES! The ability to earn over 10K+ per month YES! Being able to contribute to countries and communities all over the world without actually going there? YES! I*Said*Yes.... What do you say?

let's do this!!

3 ways to earn with DoTerra


1 Free Oils Let's get you a doTerra wholesale account and then once you use and love the oils (you definitely will) you can simply tell others, help them to order (through you) and you can earn commissions to spend on oils!

Watch the video below and contact me to help you get started!

2 Extra Income If you're wanting additional revenue stream or additional income to pay those bills or go on that family holiday or buy that hot tub... You can set your own goal to earn $200 a month or $2000 a month (or more).

Book a chat with me to see what this can look like for you.

3 Income & Impact Want to help others towards their own dreams while also achieving your own? If you have leadership potential and a drive to learn how to mentor and motivate others, you could earn exponential income and have the positive impact you crave.

Watch my 'up your brand' team training below to get more info or book a time to chat with me.

Who am I?

4 years ago I added a 'Wellness' component to my business Go to Girl Ltd. Yep! I noticed so many mums and women in business that I was meeting and working with were feeling overwhelmed and disempowered. Go to Girl Essential Wellness was formed to help people have the Wellness they WANT so they can go and get the goals & dreams that they have for themselves!  

I also wanted more 'leverage' in my business, some 'residucal income' which meant that I could still earn money while walking the dog and I didn't have to do EVERYTHING myself. I've worked with love and intention and now I am a proud Diamond level Leader in DoTerra with an amazing team of leaders and sharers who want a bit more income or impact in their lives too. Want to join us on this journey? Let's do this!


4 Reasons people choose to start a DoTerra business


It is Community and Connection that you're craving? This is one of the reasons people love growing a doterra business, because they get to spend time and energy with other wellness-minded people.


Is flexibility important to you? You may have heard me say 'you are the CEO of your own life'. Well it's true and with doTerra you definitely are! If you want to be able to pick your kids up from school or to be able to not start work till 10am (like me) then flexibility is important to you.


Yep money... to me it's not about the money but rather what the money/income allows you to do, be and have in your life. If you want leveraged income with potential to be exponential. It's residual (you still have to work so it's not passive) then you can get that with doterra.


This is what I wanted... I wanted to have MORE positive impact (and exponential income).

I wanted the ability to help MORE people - but not to do everything myself. If having more postiive impact speaks to you - you can definitley have that with doTerra. Whether that mean donating to a local charity or cause in your area or being part of healing hands projects or knowing that while you help others get oils in their homes you're also helping to free kids from the sex trade. It's incredible the impact we can have at home or in the countries where the plants are grown.

How I can help YOU earn with doTerra

I absolutely love to mentor and motivate people and help them take empowered actions towards their goals.

"As a member on my team you'll get free mentoring as well as access to Oil School for your customers and Go to Girl Oil Biz school for you. You don't need to know EVERYTHING you just need to get clear on what you want to receive and the impact that you want to have and together we can help you use your strengths to make that happen.

So if you've been meaning to add another stream of income or to amplify your positive impact on this world or to actually make your vision board dreams happen then don't wait any longer. Book a biz consult with me asap. x Nat

Together we can massively raise the state of resilience, health and happiness on a global level.

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