Ways I Can Help You Amplify Your Wellness

Amplify your Wellness – Contagious Confidence & Relentless Resilience

Natalie Cutler-Welsh is a speaker, author, impact entrepreneur, confidence coach and mother of two teens and a ten year old. She specialises in empowering and inspire people to "Up their brave" and to be the CEO of their own life, health & happiness!

As an Impact & Empowerment coach she specialise in helping “the people who help the people” to Amplify their Impact, Leadership & Legacy so they can change the World for Good. Natalie is on a mission to massively raise the state of resilience, health and happiness in New Zealand and on a global scale.


1 Wellbeing Coaching & Workshops

Ready to Amplify your Wellbeing? It's time to#UpYourBrave and together we can Amplify your confidence, resilience, boost your happiness & overall wellbeing. just contact me to enquire about group trainings or 1-1 coaching.



Contact me to book your FREE Wellness Consult or you can Shop directly online to get the Essential Oils you want - whether it's for non-tox cleaning, emotions and mood management, sleep, energy and more. Remember if you have any questions about ordering, just contact me.


2 Earn Extra Income

Want to help others towards better wellness while also creating an additional income source for yourself? Whether it's just to earn free oils or boost your earnings by adding an additional income source and sharing oils with others in your life, I can help you learn.  Contact me to learn more and I can talk you through it.


Essential Oils For Sleep, Mood, Mindset & more…
Adaptiv oil Overview

I had the honour of presenting at the Integrated Maternity Conference and connected with some amazing midwives. I sent some oil gifts of Adaptiv roll on oil down to them in Wellington NZ to support them in the great work that they do! Here is the video with an overview about Adaptiv oil aka tranquil blend.

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And here's the cool thing... as you take proactive steps towards the "Wellness you WANT" you'll notice those around you start behaving and feeling more empowered too.

My intention is to help the people who help the people and in doing so to massively raise the state of health,  happiness, wellness and resilience in New Zealand and the world.

Ready to Amplify your Wellness? Let's do this!

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Natural, Non-Toxic Cleaning & Mood Management

Bedtime Bliss Wellness Box

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Who I Am

So I added a 'Wellness' component to my business Go to Girl Ltd. Yep! I noticed so many mums and women in business that I was meeting and working with were feeling overwhelmed and disempowered. Now I help people to Amplify their Wellness (as well as their business). Let's help you have the Wellness you WANT so you can go and get the goals and dreams that you have set for yourself!

I'm someone who loves to educate, inspire and motivate others and I love to help the people who help the people". As a result I've grown a beautiful team of leaders who also want to help people with Wellness so I am a 'Diamond Leader' and Founder of DoTerra in New Zealand. I'm on a mission to raise the state of wellness, resilience & happiness in New Zealand and beyond... Let's do this!


How I can help you…

My small group workshops & classes (and online "Oil School" help you to learn and love essential oils for everyday wellness. I also speak at and help organise a few larger in person events for customers and business trainings for those doing doTerra as a business.

"The Go to Girl Essential Wellness Community is all about inspiration and information to help you connect with others, your goals and to help you move towards having the Wellness you WANT". Together we will help you to'Up your brave', say what you want and make it happen!

I take a whole body approach including habits, mindset and personality and how they impact our wellness & resilience. In consults or workshops I draw on my experiences working with thousands of overwhelmed mums and over worked entrepreneurs. I'm also a bit of a geek and eco advocate as a parenting author with an Honours degree in International Development and a Masters in Environmental Education so I love sharing stories and information about the source of the oils as well as diving into your own beliefs and mindset which in turn affect your wellness.

Through my work with families, entrepreneurs and essential oils, Natalie is on a mission to help raise the state of resilience, health and happiness in New Zealand and beyond.

Ready to Amplify your Wellness? Let's chat!

How do you want to feel?

This is always one of my kick off questions when I chat with someone about their wellness (or their life in general). Because how we feel is key. Quite often people will reply with what they want less of for example 'less overwhelmed' or 'less anxious' so I also ask them what they want more of... What would you say? How do YOU want to feel? And are you ready to do something different to make it happen?

Resilience & Wellness

One of the things we will discuss at your Wellness Lifestyle overview is what you actually WANT your life to look like. Then we look at the mindset tools, essential oils and products, daily habits that you can tweak to move towards the lifestyle and vibe that you want. Because remember... YOU are the CEO of your own life (and wellness).

The Risk of Generosity Burnout

As busy people (and often in women) we are in the habit of saying YES to things either because we feel bad saying no or it's expected of us. Enough of the Give Give Give. I’ve seen thousands of busy women making themselves the last priority in their own lives. It’s time to remember that in order to help people and have the impact you WANT, is being able to receive and to make #1 (that's YOU) your number one priority. Saying yes to YOU & making daily use of oils (with your yoga or pilates routine) or in the diffuser to keep you focussed or uplifted... is a great way to to this. And as a result reduce the risk of generosity burnout.

Want to help others to get oils too?

Most people that share oils with others (through gifting oils or samples, sharing stories, hosting classes...) didn't do it with a 'business' in mind. They just couldn't help themselves - because they had seen such great results like with digest zen aka tummy tamer or past tense on the neck & shoulders during really tough times...

If you're keen to learn how to help others to get oils and possibly earn free oils or income and also increase your positive impact... contact me and let's chat about what that would look like for you.