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Here are some of the awesome products, programs & services that I’ve hand picked to help you to #upyourbrave so you can have the impact that you want!

Some of these are proudly affiliate links so please use my link or promo code to purchase. When you do this a small percentage of 'thank you commission' comes back to me enabling me to pour into free things like the #upyourbrave video series and contribute to other causes designed to raise resilience & wellness in New Zealand and beyond. x Nat

Wellness – Products, Programs & People

Ready to Amplify your Wellness? Book a time with me to map out your 90 day plan and learn about specific essential oils to help you achieve it.

Wellness Consult with Natalie Cutler-Welsh

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Book your free oils wellness consult (free) 30 mins on phone or zoom.

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Awesome guided journals that can help you build resilience and boost happiness to get you started on the road to a healthier, happier you. Stay focused. Keep calm. Be positive..

Awesome Inc NZ

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Gratitude Journals for Adults & Kids.

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Improve your emotional resilience AND your health with this resilience training, developed for you by AwesoME Inc®.

Start your resilience journey today!
Includes a fabulous 12 module resilience training (and Bonus material) that is easy to follow and based on the best psychological research out there at the moment.
Content valued at over $4,000!!

Awesome Inc Nz

Get the Resilience Toolkit

Resilience Toolkit & more

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Want to help others with their wellness while earning income and having a positive impact? I’d love to welcome you to join my doTerra Team of sharers and leaders. Book a time to chat and see what this can look like for you.

Join my Oils Team

Join my Oils Team

Book a time to see how YOU can amplify your impact and income with oils.

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Let’s Amplify your Wellness with Essential Oils. They are amazing for helping you to have the wellness you WANT. Whether it’s energy, sleep, overwhelm or simply wanting to swap to non tox cleaning products, there’s an oil for everything! Learn or book a free wellness consult with me.

&nbspNatalie Cutler-Welsh, Doterra Diamond Leader & Wellness Advocate

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You can click the link to shop online or contact me to book a free wellness consult/order over the phone.

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Supporting your child’s emotional wellbeing with awesome guided journals that can help you build resilience and boost happiness. Get started on the road to a healthier, happier you.
Stay focused. Keep calm. Be positive.

Awesome Inc NZ

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Gratitude Journals for Adults & Kids.

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Healthy meals made easy – Yes please!! I’ve been a WOOP (World on our Plate) fan for years and I’m sure you’ll love it too. 3-4 dinner meals w ingredients & recipes delivered to your door weekly or fortnightly. So yum and so easy. Use promo code: GTG20 to get $20 off your order

WOOP Foodbox

Learn & Order WOOP

See the yummy meals and order here. *Use promo code GTG20 to get $20 off.

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Rock it Boards for Fitness & Wellbeing. The Innovative & award-winning exercise and balance board made in NZ. Play, exercise & Therapy. It’s Simple… Effective…. For All Ages!
Supports Body & Brain health in a way that is achievable for almost anyone!Use promo code: GOTOGIRL to get $10 off.

&nbspRock it NZ

Rockit Boards

Learn more & shop here. *Use promo code: GOTOGIRL to get $10 off your order.

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Wanting more help to Amplify your Impact, Business or Wellness? Contact me and let's see if it's me or someone else I can connect you with.

x Natalie Cutler-Welsh aka The UpYourBrave Coach

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Here are the 3 things I help people with the most:


Yes it's scary to 'put yourself out there' but think of all the people who don't yet know about you and who are waiting for your help? Raising your visibility is key. It's not about YOU, it's about how you can empower others. Let's do this!

Amplify their Income

Part of amplifying your impact is to re-connect with your income goal and what that will enable you to do, be and have in your life. Let's re-visit your revenue streams and business model and tweak it to be more align with your strengths and goals. Honey, it's time to Up Your Brave, say what you WANT and make it happen! That's my super-power. Let's help you get clear on what you WANT (and how you want to feel and the impact you want to have) and let's reverse engineer from there.

Connections & Opportunities

Personal connections and invitations to speak or be interviewed on tv, media or other people's platforms is not something that 'just happens'. But I help make it happen for so many of my clients. Do you want that too?

Want to learn more about how I can help you to Amplify your Impact online, in person, in the media or in your workplace?

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