Visibility in Business in Times of Challenge – Episode 10

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So many brilliant tips and insights await you in episode 10 of the #UpYourBrave livestream series of panel discussions.  Together we’re aiming to raise the state of resilience, health and happiness on a global level. I’m thrilled to have another three awesome guests to share their insights and tips, this time on Visibility in Business in Times of Challenge. 

Leanne Coste is an award-winning marketer and business owner who specialises in delivering smart systems to business owners, helping them save time, make money and create freedom to do more of what they love. Leanne loves business efficiency, strategy, systems, productivity and is passionate and committed to helping business owners implement these things. After streamlining and automating her first award-winning business she’s moved on to help other business owners to better their biz.

You can find Leanne here:

In this episode Leanne mentions:

  • Build your online presence and be seen.  If potential customers don’t know about your business they can’t support you. So it’s important to build online visibility and credibility. Three platforms that Leanne recommends are:  
    • Facebook – so you can really connect with your clients
    • LinkedIn – to build business connections and leads
    • Google Business – to help you with your Google rankings.
  • Build trust so people take that next step in the buying process.  Don’t expect people to buy straight away, they needed to be nurtured.  It’s not about just selling online, give and educate your audience to build the Know, Like and Trust (KLT) eg: share testimonials, share if you’ve been on TV or won awards.  It’s about that evidence, so people can trust you. 

Tanya McQueen is an Elite Video Coach, who helps people feel confident, and authentic in front of the camera.  She also calls out that inner star, so that you can connect with your clients in a professional and entertaining way, that helps you stand out.  Tanya has been filming business owners for over 10 years and has created thousands of successful and powerful engaging videos. She teaches people to become filmmakers, from idea, to script to storyboard, to filming with lights, sound, camera, and editing and then releasing your masterpiece! And she ensures you have a heap of fun along the way!

You can find Tanya here: Facebook : MCQUEEN FILMS. You can book a free 15 min video consult here:

In this episode Tanya mentions:

  • Start with a ritual.  The most powerful tool that you have is being authentically you, over how you look or what lighting and sound you’re using. To stand out you have to be you.  Tanya shares her own ritual of prayer and intention that she completes prior to filming to ensure she’s grounded, cleared and centred beforehand. 
  • Plan your video strategy in advance, and be clear on what you’re doing and why – what’s your intention and message, what are you giving people?   
  • If you don’t like yourself on camera, no one will, so don’t put the video out.  Your brain is wired not to like how you look or sound on camera, and there can be fear of public speaking or speaking your truth on camera.  So practice filming yourself before you go live, and watch yourself so you get used to how you look, sound and feel.  If you’re not comfortable, don’t do Facebook Live to start with.  Practice, practice, practice, and be you. 

Cat Coluccio is a Women’s Life & Online Community Strategist, the author of The 21 Hacks to ROCK your Life Series, Speaker, Qualified Educator, Personal Trainer and Life Coach.  Cat is also a champion of midlife women, leading her to found the online community Rocking Midlife™. She’s passionate about seeing women, especially at midlife, empowered to live ON-purpose, creating lives and legacies they want for their families and communities. 

You can find Cat here:, where she has a free gift for you – 5 Hacks to ROCK your Facebook Group. Cat has also spoken at this online summit  

In this episode Cat mentions:

  • Being visible in an authentic way (flaws and all) is what creates connections. ‘Connection is the currency for business in 2020’, so being visible online with people right now is how you build your connections, and will help people want to know more about your services and what you provide. 
  • Be authentic and be yourself, but with some practice.  Before you start, check what you look like on camera, that your camera is on the right angle, and get used to seeing yourself.  Show that beautiful vulnerabile soul so others can have that connection with you, and so people can see what you’ve got to offer.
  • Other practical tips: have your notes next to you, put post-its on your computer with the key points you want to make, have a glass of water closeby in case you get a dry mouth.  If you’re relaxed and authentic your message will flow through. 

Your host is a Speaker, Author, Impact Entrepreneur and mother of 3. Natalie Cutler-Welsh is the Up Your Brave Coach, helping people to Amplify their Impact, business & wellness. Founder of Go to Girl Ltd, the Amplify Membership and Diamond level doTerra Leader, Nat helps people to #UptheirBrave, say what they WANT and make it happen!   

In this episode Natalie C mentions:

  • Have a clear intention – a ‘visibility killer’ is an unclear intention, which can lead you down the ‘should’ zone.  Think deeply about what visibility means to you in terms of your goals/intentions and business model, and stay out of the ‘should’ zone.  
  • Before you press the button to record each video, stop and pause and make a mini-plan about what you want people to do and what you want to say.  
  • If you’ve won awards, or if you’re a speaker or want to be a speaker and have done even a little bit, put it in your profile/bio notes, it helps you to claim it, and it’s how people will know you.
  • If it’s your first Facebook Live, walk and talk to help you relax, or do it into a Group, which can take the pressure down.  
  • Be weary of comparing yourself to others on video and judging, because it doesn’t serve you.  You’re freaking awesome as you are, just do it, have a plan and practice. 
  • Nat has just completed a webinar about presenting online – you can check it out here: Amplify your Impact – Online: Do’s & Don’ts for Lives/video.  She talks about the five Fs including framing (where you’re sitting in the frame), your face (including facial expressions and your makeup), focus (what is your goal and intention) and your finale (what do you want people to do, what is your ending point).

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