UYB Livestream: Supporting Teens & Tweens through Challenging times

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Welcome to the #UpYourBrave video series. Speaker, author, Impact Entrepreneur and Go to Girl Natalie Cutler-Welsh chats to a panel of Guest Experts. Today our topic is supporting teens & tweens through challenging times.

In this episode:

Karen Tui Boyes Speaker & Author from Spectrum Education mentions the importance of true connection as well as her free IStudyAlarm app to help you set times and has various other features very handy for teens/tweens learning. Learn more about Karen and how she can help here:

Kerry Dell Nutrition & Food psychology and behaviour change specialist highlights the importance of daily gratitudes as well as healthy eating and reduced sugar on behaviour and effective communication. Learn more about Kerry here:

Cam Calkoen – International Speaker – speaks to Corporates & hundreds of schools across – shares some great advice that he received as a teen “come to me when you’re upset but also when things are going well”. He stresses the importance of Dreaming big to Achieve more. *Even in very challenging times. Learn more about Cam and his speaking here:

I’m your host, Natalie Cutler-Welsh: Go to Girl in this episode I share my tips for supporting teens & tweens (and general home harmony) of ‘say what you WANT’ and love them in their love languages: quality time, physical touch, acts of service & words of appreciation. Nat helps people to Up their Brave and ‘Amplify their Impact’ in life, business & wellness. You can learn more about Nat here:

More info on my guests below:

Karen is a champion for LifeLong Learning. Winner of the NZ Educator of the Year 2017 and 2014 and NZ Speaker of the Year award 2019 & 2013, Karen is an expert in effective teaching and learning, study skills, motivation and positive thinking.

Karen is an author of 9 books and the creator of the Teachers Matter Magazine, Teachers Matter Conference, Study Smart Workshops, Study Smart Board Game and the Habits of Mind Bootcamp. She is also CEO of Spectrum Education, Affiliate Director of the Institute for the Habits of Mind. She is currently the wife of one and mother of three.

Kerry Dell specialises in Nutritional Science, Food Psychology and Behavioral Change in order to bring back your energy and vitality. She focuses on emotional eating, binge eating, sugar cravings and late night snacking.

Kerry has studied the effects that sugar and stress have on our brains, including teenagers and is passionate about educating parents on how they can assist their teenagers manage through these emotional times.

When Kerry was still living in South Africa, she was the Presenter of a TV Show called, EarthBeat and she had her own radio show called Thrive Time. She studied numerous modalities of natural health over 20 years ago and is currently a Corporate Health Coach that focuses on transforming lives through nutrition, emotional balancing and stress management.

Cam Calkoen dreams of a world where everyone is inspired to embrace opportunity, and our physical being is no barrier to succeeding in our dreams and aspirations. He says: It is dreams that have brought the world to what we see today. And our aspirations will propel it into the future.

No one can walk or talk at birth. But some people, like me, are presented with this likelihood for the rest of our lives. I chose to defy the odds, and now I have the opportunity to showcase what can be achieved when we see opportunity, clarify purpose, and live for awesome!

I was born with Cerebral Palsy, but today the only labels I need are my name and occupation: Cam Calkoen, Inspirational Speaker. The inspiration is not because of my Cerebral Palsy, although that’s a part of me I choose to embrace. It comes from an aspiration to make life as awesome as it can be through the pursuit of excellence. I have gone from people doubting I would ever walk, to exceeding expectations.

Life is what we make it and the values needed to achieve awesomeness are simple – we need to believe, and in doing so, leave no stone unturned. My offerings help you identify these unturned stones – in other words, I inspire others to dream big and achieve more!

Thanks for watching and stay tuned for more in the #UpYourBrave livestream series including:

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* Mindset & Motivation in Challenging times
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Until then… remember to Up Your Brave, say what you WANT & make it happen! x your host, Natalie Cutler-Welsh the Up Your Brave mentor.

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