The New Way to Network To Amplify Your Impact

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In this video I talk about the NEW way to connect, massively grow your business and Amplify Your Impact in this new economy. 

  •         I’ll give you a range of skills, insights and ‘phraseology’ to help you get across what your business is really about, so you can gain more business and make more impact.
  •         Networking and connecting in this economy is about being more INTENTIONAL about what you want vs being salesy and pushy.
  •         Make sure what you’re doing is heading towards where you want to go.
  •         Questions/conversation starters to consider: what would you do, be and have if anything was possible?  What do you wish were true?  You can use these questions when you network and meet people vs just giving out your business card.  Also ask these questions of yourself to help set your goals and intentions.
  •         Empowered connections: connecting with people that you genuinely want to connect with.  Have a plan about who you want to connect with and intentionally connect with specific people who are going to love your products/offering.   A good way to do digitally is via LinkedIn, although it can also be done in real life too.   Think about who you want to connect with?   Is it your niche?  
  •         Be intentional with your time and how you use it to network: so think in advance about your intention, be clear about who you want to meet with to take things to the next level faster.
  •         To understand what your empowered intentions are: Name It & Claim It.  You are more likely to achieve a goal if you write it down, eg: I want to make two amazing connections at this event today.

Natalie Cutler-Welsh

  •         What can I do to help?  These are magic words that you can use in a networking environment.  They’re also great words to use when touching base with people either by phone or DM, just ask them how things are going for them at the moment, and ask what you can do to help.  Within that you can ask others what you can do to help with business connections for them.  And if you’re asked the same question, keep it real, clear and specific. 
  •         Pitfalls of networking: spending too much time networking and it’s not creating results; going to lots of events where you get lots of business cards but it doesn’t go anywhere; you don’t get a lot of clients/customers out of your networking.
  •         Fast is good: often we put barriers in the way of people learning more or buying, through complicating/stretching out the sales funnel/enrolment/purchasing process.  While you still want to nurture your customers, people are used to going online and purchasing things there and then so don’t put obstacles in their way.  Make it easy for people to buy from you.  If you have a service based business, be sure to have a booking system so it’s easy for people to book with you online.  Tell them what to do and make it easy.
  •         Be ready to make an in the moment offer: if you’re at an event and a person asks there and then how to get started and work with you, be ready to answer then and there.  Don’t give them lots of options that become confusing, give them ‘this’ or ‘that’ to choose from.  Ideally once you understand what a potential customer’s situation is you can then try to point them in one clear direction.
  •         Think about how you can connect people for a mutual win-win. Listen out when people are talking to you and give you an offer, while it might not be right for you, think about who it might benefit to create that win-win situation.  
  •         Have a system: whether it’s a paper system, spreadsheet or digital system like Trello to track your contacts and networking.  When you come home from an event with lots of business cards, connect with those contacts on LinkedIn and ideally send them a message as well about being keen to hear more about their business and finding out about who they’re keen to connect with.  Remember it’s not a sales call, it’s a connection follow up which gives it a very different energy. 
  •         Create a micro offer: ideally under the $29 price point.  Or is there a free opt-in you can add a little more value to and charge $5.95 or $9.95 and no higher?  Or a mini/micro course that you can charge a small price for?  When someone spends dollars with you they’re more likely to say yes to the next thing. Also consider a bump offer so when they go to leave your sales funnel/purchase page you give them a chance to purchase something else, as long as it’s aligned and makes sense. 
  •         Earn affiliate commission/have affiliates:  every smart woman should have some kind of residual income.  What is your money goal, what will that money allow you to do, be and have?  Map out your money streams to achieve that goal each month, and one of them could be an affiliate commission revenue stream.  You don’t need to be doing all of the hard work yourself. 
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