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Here are some of the fun and fabulous clients I’ve had the honour of working with!

To help them get your message out on a bigger level and Amplify their impact on the world.

Introducing some of my awesome clients:

““I have absolutely LOVED working with Nat. She is an endless source of knowledge. She always wants to HELP! You can count on Nat to go the extra mile! She is so much fun, well connected, smart, wants you to be your best version of yourself. Nat will help you achieve your goals no matter what they are!! Nat provides actionable coaching that you can implement. I have loved working with Nat. Nat found some amazing speaking opportunities!”.

Shelley Gawith, nternational Speaker and Functional Nutrition Specialist

““I joined Natalie’s Amplify program to up-level my speaking skills and increase my confidence in front of larger audiences. The course exceeded my expectations! Natalie helped bring out the best in me in so many ways. She inspired me to completely update my website and make my branding and messaging across all my platforms clearer and more consistent. The bonus was getting spots on TWO national television shows and then being approached by a magazine to be their online spokesperson!

I’m now producing daily Instagram videos to larger audiences than I ever imagined I would, all thanks to the support and information I received from Natalie. If you need someone to push you to achieving your wildest dreams and get you in front of your perfect audience, then I highly recommend working with Natalie!”.

Anne Cullen – Motherhood Mentor & Speaker

““”Hi Nat you know I love hearing your ideas and advice. For me when I met you two years ago I was a woman with raw dreams that needed blooming when I worked with you on Amplify those ideas matured into a place that I was eager to stand by I went from simple YouTube video ideas to building my website, appearing on TV and put system in places to empower woman to rediscover I and reconnect with who they are and created Me Time With Josie.

Yesterday on your Amplify work shop it make me realize that success comes on the little details, in how you connect with your audience. I came out ready to collect little gems and put them out there.
I am looking forward in continuing working with you for the next 3 months on your one to one mentoring program as we get ready for my first daycation get together.

You are a woman of empowerment and can make things happen you can analyze a situation as negative as i may be and turn into a positive business strategy. As I have told you before the me that I want to be could not have happen without the you that you are”.
Xox Josie”.

Josie MacDonald: Me Time with Josie – Motherhood Mentor & Guest expert

“Natalie is really great at what she does. She has taught me networking skills that has helped me in my business and in personal life. I really enjoy how she gets people to connect with each other, her parenting blogs are very helpful and she is a fantastic speaker with heaps of inspiration.“

Kamni Raju-Russell, Confidence & Bra Fit Specialist

“I keep coming back and doing more and more workshops and trainings with Nat. I love her sincerity, her interest in you as person, her thinking outside of the square and prods into action in an encouraging kind of way. She’s clever at listening and then hitting the nail on the head with a catchy little phrase encapsulating what you were trying to say. Her Amplify Membership is amazing for keeping me up to date with the latest tools and tips and holding me accountable to grow my visibility and business.“

Steph Johnstone, Founder: Create & Thrive, She Made This

“Nat has a remarkable talent for connecting people, I’ve been aspiring to take my speaking career to the next level for a while, but like all busy professionals juggling businesses and family, I’ve been time poor, my focus elsewhere so I’ve found it challenging to make ‘my’ dream a priority.
Nat has helped me understand how important it is to share your knowledge authentically, coached me to dive deeper into my ‘ideal’ audience and created a stellar team of talented individuals within the group to bounce ideas off and ask for honest feedback.
Making a commitment for 3 months to the amplify programme was one of my best decisions in 2017, I have a new found focus and desire to SPEAK, I know for certain what I want to achieve and it is so much easier with Nat as my wing-woman”

Carissa Fairbrother – Rival Wealth, Authorised Financial Adviser and Keynote Speaker

“I attended the WOW THE CROWD workshop with Natalie Cutler-Welsh & Cath Vincent. Highly recommend, great tips and learnings from qualified people if you’re looking to head in this direction.“

Roslyn Ryan, digital marketer for health & fitness coaches

“I worked privately with Natalie with her 1-1 Amplify Mentoring to help me harness the power of storytelling in my presenting. I have a ton of teaching points, but wanted to master the art of relating to my audience through my stories. Since working with Natalie I have crafted my keynote presentation, developed my signature body of work. And with her connections, I have secured my first paid webinar as well as adding more media credits.

Natalie’s insights and ideas are the difference between flat, boring lectures and having your audience on the edge of their seats and desperate to work with you.”

Lorraine Hamilton – Internationally Accredited Executive Coach, Speaker, Author & Coach Trainer at Coach School

“I have participated in AMPLIFY with Natalie, and it’s been invaluable. True to her name of “Go to Girl,” Natalie connected me with people and opportunities that have led to various media appearances and these have enabled me to get my message of empowering women to ROCK their midlife to a far wider audience. Natalie is genuinely invested in her clients and I highly recommend AMPLIFY to anyone wanting their voice to be heard. “
After completing Amplify, Cat Coluccio from Rocking Midlife was featured on the AM show, Breakfast TV and NEXT magazine.”

Cat Coluccio – Speaker, Author & Impact Entrepreneur

“Amplify Membership challenges my perception of how my business looks and operates and then supports a pivot.”

&nbspJudith Yeabsley, Guest Expert & Speaker on picky eaters and empowering kids to be confident eaters. aka The Confident Eater Coach.

“I loved the Amplify program. Nat is fantastic at helping others hone in on their skills. She is a great listener and helps reiterate your key messages back to you in a way that is easily shareable to others. Nat generously helps women connect with each other to cross reference skills. I’d definitely recommend collaborating with Nat!”

&nbspTracy Johnson, Speaker & workshop facilitator for Teens & goals.

“Natalie has amazing tips and advice that stick in your head and are super actionable. She is great at spotting your blind-spots. Her events are always superbly run, high-energy, high-value. Totally recommend checking her out!”

Lauren Parsons, Keynote Speaker & Wellbeing specialist

“Natalie and I crossed paths at a very important time in my journey as a speaker and mentor. As soon as we became acquainted I was instantly wowed by her passion and excitement for collaboration, and in turn the effort she goes to in order to build networks and expand other peoples’ networks. She’s an energetic yet very warm and wonderful person I feel privileged to know! Thanks so much for all you’ve shared with me thus far Nat! I look forward to working with you as both our journeys continue to progress and evolve”.

Ellie Bambury: Speaker and Founder of the Big Sister Project

“Nat is a power house of information, expertise and connections. Not only did she help me secure and prep for a tv and radio interview but we also re-worked my presentation and packages.”


Kimberlee Sweeney – Degrees of Separation, Certified Divorce Coach, Speaker & Guest Expert on Relationships

Here are some of the fabulous clients I’ve had the honour of working with by speaking at their events

“Natalie presented at our Inspired Women’s Expo in Wellington. Without a doubt, she is a seasoned professional and expert in her field. Herself a dynamic, focussed and entertaining presenter she shares her gift and expertise with others, assisting and training them to take ‘to the stage.’ An absolute professional and I am delighted to be working more closely with Natalie in 2020..”


Otila Osborne – Business Intelligence Strategist

“Natalie spoke at our Women in Supply Chain breakfast event in July. She was speaking to 130 women with others on live stream. She was speaking on how to be yourself, cherish that uniqueness and be braver in every day life. Natalie was a stellar speaker – clear, energising, insightful and very enjoyable. She also didn’t say the usual things an inspirational speaker might say. She challenged us to think about ourselves in relation to others in different ways and followed up with useful tools and practices.

The women who attended the morning were used to working in male dominated contexts so valued someone who was talking tough but with a very warm heart. A great choice for us!”

Felicity Lawrence – Manager Executive Education, Graduate School of Management at the University of Auckland

“Natalie presented to 120 female supply chain professionals this week on behalf of the University of Auckland Centre for Supply Chain Excellence. She was engaging and entertaining but most of all she provided us with practical things we could all do to “Up our brave”.

Natalie pitched her presentation perfectly so that the audience were totally engaged and the feedback has been very positive. I would recommend Natalie and her message to any professional group.”


Suzanne O’Leary – Director at January Group and Advisory Board, Member at University of Auckland Centre for Supply Chain Excellence.

“I have found Natalie truly inspirational and believe that if it wasn’t for the opportunity I had to be mentored by Natalie I would not be where I am today. Throught Natalie I have learnt the true value of connection and collaboration and with the tools I needed to go forward I pushed myself to achieve things that I only would have dreamed about three years ago.

Natalie was the MC at an event I organised through my brand, Outliv, called Let’s Get Ethical. An event designed to open conversation around ethical fashion and the importance of conscious consumer choice. With Natalie’s speaking experience and extensive knowledge of this subject the discussion flowed seamlessly between the panelists, the audience and herself resulting in a very successful and inspiring event.

I have referred many people to Natalie and will continue doing so. Natalie rocks!”


Amy Conlon, Founder Outliv, Ethical Fashion brand and Advocate

One of the things I teach my clients is to be CHRYSTAL clear on who your absolute ideal clients are. Here's mine:
She (or he) is impact-driven, meaning they want to and are committed to having a positive impact on the world. They are fun to spend time with (hey my time is valuable and I want to hang with people who I would literally want to be friends with). They are 'ready to shine' they just don't know HOW... They want more opportunities to help more people and get their message out online, in person or in the media.

Sound like YOU? If you're ready to raise your visibility and hone your message and speaking skills on stage or screen, let's work together to use your strengths and fill those gaps so that you can use your voice to have the positive impact you've been craving.

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Here are the 3 things I help people with the most:


Yes it's scary to 'put yourself out there' but think of all the people who don't yet know about you and who are waiting for your help? Raising your visibility is key. It's not about YOU, it's about how you can empower others. Let's do this!

Amplify their Income

Part of amplifying your impact is to re-connect with your income goal and what that will enable you to do, be and have in your life. Let's re-visit your revenue streams and business model and tweak it to be more align with your strengths and goals. Honey, it's time to Up Your Brave, say what you WANT and make it happen! That's my super-power. Let's help you get clear on what you WANT (and how you want to feel and the impact you want to have) and let's reverse engineer from there.

Connections & Opportunities

Personal connections and invitations to speak or be interviewed on tv, media or other people's platforms is not something that 'just happens'. But I help make it happen for so many of my clients. Do you want that too?

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