Natalie Cutler-Welsh is known as The ‘Up Your Brave’ coach & connector.  She is a speaker, author, impact entrepreneur and mother of three, specialising in empowering people to “Up their Brave” and Amplify Their Impact in business and in wellness.

As a parenting author, motherhood mentor and busy business woman, Natalie believes that saying what you WANT is the key to happiness. She helps people to get out of the ‘should zone’ and ‘frustration zone’ and instead live their lives in the ‘Impact’ zone.

A Canadian-Kiwi, Natalie is on a mission to massively raise the state of resilience, health and happiness in New Zealand and on a global scale. She does this in many ways including her Up Your Brave keynote, video series, her Amplify membership and coaching programs, as well as her recently launched Thank You Club.

As seen on Breakfast TV, the AM Show, Seven Sharp, print and digital media and on stages in front of up to 4500 people, Natalie is an entertaining, animated and thought-provoking speaker who will encourage the audience to think differently and empower them towards positive change.

Natalie draws on her life journey and experiences ranging from being an Outward Bound instructor with a degree in International Development and a Masters in Environmental Education, her life upheaval with the Christchurch earthquake, multiple back injuries, writing a parenting book, having her boy diagnosed with alopecia, mentoring expertise, and running events for thousands of busy women.

You can download Natalie’s six tips to Up Your Brave In Life And Business here: http://bit.ly/UYBTips

Speaker topics include

-Up Your Brave; How to get out of the ‘should’ zone and live in the ‘Impact’ zone

-Up Your Brave; Putting yourself out there to raise your profile and grow your business

-Up Your Brand; How to be your own personal brand (whether you’re in business or not)

-Up Your Brand; Six ways to boost your visibility and Amplify Your Impact

-Amplify Your Impact; Say what you WANT and make it happen

-You Are the CEO Of Your Own Life/Wellness; The Four Hs To Success And Happiness

-Introduce Yourself With Impact; How to pass the Eyebrow Test and make genuine connections

Areas of expertise

-Confidence, resilience and achieving your goal

-Body language and personality types

-Speaker mentoring

-Presenting online, on stage, and in the media

-Mindset and empowered living

What others say about Natalie

“Natalie spoke at our Women In Supply Chain breakfast event in July. She was speaking to 130 women with others on live stream. She was speaking on how to be yourself, cherish that uniqueness and be braver in everyday life. Natalie was a stellar speaker – clear, energising, insightful and very enjoyable. She also didn’t say the usual things an inspirational speaker might say. She challenged us to think about ourselves in relation to others in different ways and followed up with useful tools and practices. The women who attended the morning were used to working in male dominated contexts so valued someone who was talking tough but with a very warm heart. A great choice for us!”Felicity Lawrence, Manager Executive Education at Auckland University Graduate School of Management

“Natalie is a talented speaker. Not only is her content widely relevant, but she has a unique spin that draws her audience into her message and entices them to think differently about their situation. Her energy is contagious and her personality is magnetic. Natalie will make your audience think and laugh and most of all, she has the power to transform. I recommend Natalie for any event organizer who wants a speaker who will ignite change and leave a lasting impression.” – Steve Lowell, Vice President at Global Speakers Federation

“Natalie presented at our Inspired Women’s Expo in Wellington. Without a doubt, she is a seasoned professional and expert in her field. Herself a dynamic, focused and entertaining presenter she shares her gift and expertise with others, assisting and training them to take ‘to the stage.’ An absolute professional and I am delighted to be working more closely with Natalie in 2020.”Otila Osborne, Business Intelligence Strategist 

To enquire about having Natalie as a speaker at your next event or facilitator at your upcoming team training, please email nat@gotogirl.co.nz or call 021 182 2908.