We all know that ‘gratitude is good for us’ and the great news is you don’t have to journal EVERY day to include it in your life. Gratitude can be taking a moment to appreciate or having a conversation at the dinner table around ‘what went well’ today. Or it can be writing in a gratitude journal – something Nicky Perry from Awesome Inc has helped thousands of people do with her beautiful and prompted journals. “Gratitude has a massive impact on mental fitness” according to Nicky – more on that and some interesting statistics in this video episode.

Apparently 10% of happiness is circumstance, 50% is genetic predisposition and 40% is intentional actions (behaviour, mindset and attitudes) so we defiantly CAN influence our own level of personal happiness.

Enjoy this episode and learn more about AWESOME Inc here. They are one of the tried & true products featured on my recommended for YOU page.  Check it out for more resources, products & programs to help with Resilience & Wellness in life and business.


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