Season 2 of Impact Entrepreneur series where we’re focussing on Resilience & Wellness. In this episode I’m talking to Sharleen Greer from Midlife Courage who shares 3 tips and tools for understanding and processing your emotions.

In this episode we’re exploring the importance of understanding emotions to help raise the state of resilience & wellness not just for us as individuals but in society as a whole 🙏🏻 link below to watch the full interview here where Sharleen talks about the 1) body barometer 2) oils and 3) boundaries.

Sharleen is a woman of wisdom from many sources including Diplomas in Nursing and Naturopathy, a Certification in child birth education and Life Coaching. She is also a mother to 4 grown daughters and she loves to mentor women towards better wellness and lives that are full and rich.

She encourages women to #ditchthebusy and unleash the power of emotional connection.

Learn more about Sharleen here on her Midlife Courage website.

For more resources/products & services to help with Resilience & Wellness have a look at my recommended for you page. 


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