It was an honour and an eye opener to have this conscious conversation with Judith Yeabsley about eating and the impact on resilience and happiness.

Shout out to Zareen Sheikh-Cope for connecting me with Judith.  All of us are speakers, workshop facilitators and have a great interest in and grave concern for the state of mental health and happiness in New Zealand.

Judith specialises in working with parents to empower them and their children (usually one specific child) to be a more confident eater. And it’s not just kids, the impacts of being a picky or apprehensive eater can affect not just wellness and resilience but also social situations that have flow on effects.

Judith is the author of Creating Confident Eaters, THE Guide for picky eaters. The book empowers parents, showing them HOW to support a child to eat variety. Judith spends most of her time working with families, supporting them to get fussy eaters eating. She is also a speaker and an educator working with organisations and writing for local and international publications.

Want more help from Judith?
Here is the link to purchase Creating Confident Eaters –

Here is the link to modules. Super cost effective way of resolving picky eating issues (or just getting the children eating better) –

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