So many brilliant tips and insights await you in episode of the #UpYourBrave livestream series of panel discussions.
Together we’re aiming to raise the state of resilience, health and happiness on a global level. I’m thrilled to have 3 awesome guests to share their insight and tips on Staying well in times of Challenge.

Josie Macdonald from ‘Me Time with Josie’ will share her tips on self care. Josie is a mother of 2 and a primary school teacher. She recently appeared on the AM morning show as a guest expert on me time for mums. Get her free ebook 5 simple ways to get the Me Time you deserve:

In this episode Josie mentions:

* Rest. Take time to recharge. Making a schedule is important, so when your kids are having their ‘me time’ or watching a movie, grab your Me Time at the same time. Try to have Me Time throughout the day.

* Essential oils are great for dealing with stress (Adaptive) and boosting your mood, to help shift how you’re feeling.

* Be sure to carve out your Me Time. For example, put a note on the door which answers the kids’ likely questions while you’re in your Me Time, and don’t worry about making the house spotless, because a rested Mum is a happy Mum.

Shelley Gawith is an International speaker and functional Nutritionist. Shelley recently spoke in the USA to 100 doctors on the topic of the Future of Health. Shelley has been on a massive wellness journey and now runs a booked out clinic in Wellington helping clients to not just avoid burnout but to have energy to burn. She was recently featured in an article NZ Business magazine and will be sharing tips on avoiding burnout especially during challenging times.

In this episode Shelley mentions:

* Work out the right amount of water that you need for your body. The baseline to do this is: your body weight divided by 30 + add back any caffeinated drinks/wine/fizzy drinks you’ve consumed + if you’re exercising, add back in the amount you’re sweating out. Coffee and tea is not part of the formula. Then sip rather than gulp, because gulping just flushes the water straight through our bodies.

* Wait a minimum of 5-6 hours between meals before eating again to give your digestive system time to process. Lots of small and consistent meals put pressure and inflammation on your body, instead our bodies need the macro nutrients from fats,, proteins and veges so that you can stay full for the 5-6 hour interval.

Brad Dixon from Everfit has a background in Physiotherapy, Sports Med, Psychology & Counselling. He believes that Growth happens through getting comfortable with uncomfortable; Everfit coaching is about empowering people with daily habits that shift the dial towards authentic self potential. These habits will be blended in with lifestyle aiding consistency.

His pillars of expansive wellness include positive relationships, sleep, eating plant based whole food, restoration practices (yoga & meditation), nature, and cardiovascular exercise with a variety of modes and intensity specific to individual capacity, needs, and upcoming goals.

Here is his 6 week LOCKDOWN plan for $6 It goes over the main physical pillars of WELLNESS and ALL funds go towards the NZ Womens Refuge as they have a greater need over these challenging times.

In this episode Brad mentions:
Eat nutritious whole plant based food: keep it simple, and maximise the amount of fruit, vegetables, legumes, seeds and nuts to try to maximise the amount of nutrition you get per bite. Surround yourself with fantastic food options that nourish your body, and that also have a great impact on the planet.

Stay away from screens/social media in the first 60 mins of the morning. Instead have some time with yourself – it might be yoga/meditation/exercise or journalling to start your day. Own the start of your day so you’re proactive, set up your day and move toward your purpose, rather than getting into a reactive mindset and giving others permission to set the agenda via social media.

In this episode Natalie mentions:

* Have more fun and be more fun. When we’re having fun we’re present, we’re not worrying about what could happen, or lamenting about what did happen. So what can you do to have more fun?

* Get out of the ‘should’ and ‘frustrated’ zone, which can come with an energy of guilt. Instead, live your life in the ‘Up Your Brave Zone’ where if we’re living a life from a place of intentional action and empowered choices, we’re literally doing what we want to do, and therefore not living in martyrdom. Be aware of your mood and attitude which you can shift by focusing on what is working well.

I’m your host, speaker, author, Impact Entrepreneur and mother of 3. Aka the Go to Girl and the Up Your Brave Mentor, I help people to Amplify their Impact, business and wellness with my Amplify Membership and Essential oils.


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