Welcome to Episode 4 of the #UpYourBrave Livestream Panel series. In this episode we’re talking Resilience in Business. I’m thrilled to have 3 awesome guests to share their insights and tips on Resilience in Business in challenging times.

Malaine Lea is a wealth mindset coach supporting people in living a life of abundance and expansion. Through her own resilience she has been able to create a business from nothing into an empire that has impacted thousands and created millions.

Through her workshops and courses she supports people in being able to create a life by design on purpose and in purpose. Her goal is to support people in shifting from surviving to thriving.
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In this episode Malaine mentions:
* Staying in solution. There’s so much uncertainty right now, and it’s easy to fall into the trap of fear that’s pumping through society. So get clear on unplugging from the different networks/areas that might be filling you with fear and plug yourself into a space of solution.

* If you’re in business ask ‘what do I have to offer that can support people in this time of need?’ Get a little more agile and flexible with your offerings. It’s about getting into a solution minded way of thought and just asking yourself: what can I do to nourish myself today, to nourish my income today, to nourish my finances today, and what actions can I take in a new direction and take full ownership and responsibility of my life?

* Everyone has had a challenge/experience in their life that they’ve overcome, so that strength, courage and resilience is within all of us. So tap into that resource to support ourselves right now. Malaine calls it a ‘plandemic’ – because we knew it was going to happen, so we have the tools and resources to get through it. It’s just about having the courage to go inward and tap into that.

Now is the time when wealth can be brought to the next level for yourself and you can have a service come through you that will change the game for the world. Now is also the time to really go inward to create deeper levels of resilience within, but to also get clear on what gets to go, and what you need to start doing to support your growth. Really prioritise yourself right now and get clear on what needs to be nourished, changed and shifted. It’s like a reset button. And once you have a clear picture of this is who I am, this is what I stand for, and this is what I want to create in my life then start taking the actions externally. Now is your chance to figure out what it is you really want.

Take advantage of this opportunity. This is the launch pad so many have prayed for, now is the time to use it to spring off into a new life by design rather than default. Malaine Lea

Natalie Sisson is an international speaker, author of 2 books and a long time podcaster. She is formerly known as the Suitcase Entrepreneur and now helps people to leverage their skills, knowledge and experience, and package it into multiple revenue streams that make an impact in this world. Natalie says: In 5 years from now I would love to have helped 100,000+ people achieve more personal daily freedom, live a life they love, and have the time, money and freedom to do that every single day.

You can watch her TEDx talk here https://youtu.be/lNNCMu1OjRQ and download her Get Paid to be YOU audio file here: https://nataliesisson.com/

In this episode Natalie mentions:

* Deal with what you can actually control. So much of what is happening at the moment is outside of our control. If you’re doing things related to things you can’t control it’s going to make you feel pretty overwhelmed, lost, scared, panicky and anxious.

Having a sense of control with what’s in your own backyard is going to give you more resilience to deal with all the stuff out there that you don’t have any handle over. Natalie Sisson

* There are so many turbulent times you go through as an entrepreneur that you do develop resilience pretty quickly, if you can separate your ego from the results. Otherwise you attach so many of your failures and upsets to yourself vs just an outcome or result that you actually learn a lot from.

* Have an outlook and reframe what possibility and magic awaits. Some can go for blame and shame vs every single recession and depression where businesses have come out of nowhere eg: in the last recession Airbnb and Uber, and in previous ones Burger King, Disney World, Apple and Microsoft. While some things will never be the same again, there are things that will change for the better and there will be lots of opportunities to step into.

* Thinking about the future of work, anything is possible, you literally can run your business and livelihood from a laptop and wifi connection with all the tools out there. It’s a chance to pivot and step into what you have always wanted to do and now you can do that more than ever. It’s not always easy, but by starting the day off by asking ‘what possibility/magic awaits’ it really does set the motion for every other thing you do throughout the day to come from a place of what’s possible if you just remain open to it.

The sources you’re taking in right now can be critical to how you show up and think. So really minimise the amount of negative and fake news, Facebook feeds and people’s opinions etc. It can take people into that rabbit hole and change their whole view on how they’re coping. On the flipside a lot of people are genuinely talking and sharing, so just listen to what people are saying, so you know how you can support people better rather than just making assumptions.

Grant Finer is an engaging professional businessman in the tech sector, with nearly 30 years of experience in technology strategy, adoption, and transformation. His corporate career focuses on successes with leaders in transformational technology including VMware, Intel, F5, Rackspace and Compaq. A founder of 6 businesses, today he helps businesses to connect, evangelize and educate their customers, staff and business partners for success in today’s rapidly changing environment.

Through COVID-19 and beyond, every business has an immediate requirement to organise and deploy technological capability to their employees, and modernise the way in which they securely share business information with partners. Remote access to the office, cloud services and collaboration form key aspects of this underpinned by connectivity and security, and Grant brings outstanding experience, understanding and connections to assist businesses of all sizes with this. https://businessstrategy.nz/

In this episode Grant mentions:

* Pivot fast. That’s all about figuring out 3 things:
What are you doing in your business that you need to continue?
What do you need to change or redefine? How can you change your existing services or maybe change the data that feeds those services into a different type of product or solution, that will enable your business to continue to attract customers, continue to trade and generate cash flow, even though your primary business has been disrupted.

What needs to hibernate? What is there that you simply can’t change and that’s going to be a drain if you continue to support it through this time. They might be costs, leased arrangements, subscriptions etc that you can reactivate again later. Grant Finer

* Look out for your reputation – being kind is important from both a business and personal point of view. People are going to be looking at how businesses behave during this time. It’s important that people think about their reputation and how they behave to others, because it’s going to be a critical component of how people will treat them once we’re through this pivot. Think about the business and the type of values you want to project. Now is the time to hone in on those and make them crystal clear because that will be the differentiator for you as we move forward.

I’m your host Natalie Cutler-Welshkeynote speaker, author, Impact Entrepreneur and mother of 3. Known often by my business name the Go to Girl, I’m the Up Your Brave Coach (confidence & visibility) helping people to Amplify their Impact, business and wellness. Keen to suggest a topic, learn how to present/speak or be on the panel? Contact me and let’s chat.

In this episode Natalie C mentions:
If you don’t love it, don’t do it. This is a great time to pause, reflect and reconnect with what you’re doing right now, and what is also actually serving you.

Key is seeing the opportunity and taking action.

We’ve all had times when we’ve had to be resilient, so if you don’t feel resilient right now, remember to connect on a time when you were.

If you’re ready to shine, it’s the time to be more visible. I can help you with that in my Amplify Membership or 1-1 mentoring. If you’re not though, take time for you and make sure you look after #1. Don’t feel like you should be more visible if you don’t want to be.

* Brene Brown talks a lot about how we armour up during times of challenge. And while we want to be proactive and positive, sometimes we default into the ways we armour up. So just think about how you armour up during times of pressure, and also think about your strengths as well. When you’re pressured, your strength that goes into overdrive can become your weakness. For example if someone’s strength is input – they love to learn, read all the articles and listen to the news, but when they’re pressured, they’re going to be consuming all the Facebook and news, but not taking action, or get overwhelmed. So just be aware of that to even things out.

* Listen to your own thoughts, rather than just filling your head with everyone else’s blog articles and Facebook lives.

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Together we’re aiming to collectively raise the state of resilience, health & happiness on a global level.


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