We’re back! Time for another Impact Entrepreneurs Interview – this one with the fabulous and insightful Pat Armitstead on Mental health in the workplace.

Pat is an author and a Multi Award Winning Professional Keynote Speaker
who specialises in Transforming Individual and Workplace Wellbeing.

A master storyteller she combines Positive Psychology principles, Emotional Intelligence, and Neuroscience with real human experiences to bring understanding and meaning to life events. Pat is a Pioneer and Thought-leader in the area of joy as a transformational agent.

From her early years as a Registered Nurse, she has championed the human spirit leading people to find joy where it appeared there was none.

Key takeaways from our #consciousconversation:

*There has been a rise in stress, anxiety, depression and suicide ideation.
*Many people are grief illiterate and death phobic.
*When you create a high-trust environment it enables people to truly connect and not feel alone.
*”shift your thinking and see with new eyes”.
*”If you see it, own it”
* “Our real authentic self is in the first thought”.

Recommended resources:
The Third space by Dr Adam Fraser

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