Welcome to episode 3 of the #UpYourBrave livestream series. Together we’re aiming to raise the state of resilience, health and happiness on a global level. I’m thrilled to have 3 awesome guests to share their insight and tips on Leadership in challenging times.

Executive coach, strategist, author and podcaster Tui Fleming inspires established and emerging leaders to let go of those ‘shoulds’ and dare to lead with authenticity and heart.

Tui’s work is grounded in science, yet has a heart-centred, mindful approach. She’s a certified Gallup Strengths Leadership Coach and trained in Dr Brene Brown’s Dare to Lead Curriculum; a licensed facilitator of the Desire Map; and a yoga and meditation instructor. A former marketer for some of New Zealand’s biggest brands, Tui now acts as a leadership and wellbeing consultant for national and global brands like CBRE, Kiwibank, The B:hive at Smales’ Farm, and some of NZ’s premier schools.

Tui’s work is for courageous leaders in uncertain times. It’s for people who want to rise. For humanists with heart. And those seeking deep impact. She designs thought provoking, immersive experiences that prompt deep reflection, rich connection and offer practical strategies for sustained embodied change. http://tuifleming.com

In this episode Tui mentions:

This is a time we need to know who we are and who we are as leaders.
So many people struggle to show up who they really are as Leaders.
As Brene Brown says “who we are is how we lead”.

The 4 qualities that people want in leaders in times of crises
* Compassion
* Hope
* Stability
* Trust

Tip: Re-frame your mind and language of whatever you’re feeling by saying “I notice” instead of “I am”. Re-frame would be: “I am noticing that I am having the feeling of being anxious at the moment”.

One of the thing that will happen when you get clear on who you are and how you want to feel, you will be far more mindful and you will be able to pause and check in and this in turn will reduce your anxiety. Whether it be in Corporate or school setting.

We also discuss the concept of talents and strengths. Ask yourself the question: What do people thank me for? Think about that and write down as many things as possible that come to you. This will nourish your mental well being but will also give you insight into what you’re natural talents are. You can then aim these towards an opportunity or goal.

When we are in crises and not centred our strength can become a weakness. The key is having the awareness and taking time to reflect and then apply your growth mindset because “mistakes are proof you’re trying”. You can discover and learn how to develop your strengths here:

Strengths finder assessment to help you understand and make the most of your natural strengths.
For adults: https://store.gallup.com/p/en-us/10108/top-5-cliftonstrengths

For students: https://www.strengths-explorer.com/home.aspx

The Heart Map institute has done studies into the frequency of the heart.

Tip: When you focus on what’s strong not what’s wrong you are 6 x more likely to be engaged at work and 3 x more likely to report a quality of life. Increases resilience, confidence and hope and direction for the future.

Elias Kanaris is a thought leader in the area of leadership and building trusted advisors. He is unapologetically Christian and spends his time empowering Christian C-Suite leaders & business owners to gain clarity on their offering & how to define it to prospects.

Elias is the Executive Director for Lifework Leadership Auckland and served as the President of the Global Speakers Federation (2018-2019) – a $6.5B industry with a reach of 53,000 thought leaders. He was the President of the Professional Speakers Association of New Zealand (2015-2017), and Elias is also a Founding Partner of the Conscious Leadership Team.
As a Keynote Speaker, Elias has spoken to audiences in 13 countries, across 4 continents. http://www.EliasKanaris.com

In this episode Elias mentions:

Leadership is about building TRUST and applying it within your team, business.

Tip: The Power of Margin – think about the blank spaces on either side of the words on a page in a book. The margin enables us to understand what is going on, to make notes… as individuals and leaders we have to take some time out to have some personal white space in our lives. How much time are you taking aside as a leader to grow reflect, to listen and be open to change.

Tip: Who are your Ring of Steel? Who do you go to? Who is mentoring you? So that you don’t have to make decisions or lead in isolation?

Be risk aware: Online presence, reputation, using platforms like zoom. What tracking systems are you putting in place that keep you accountable for what you’re doing. 30 minutes of exercise a day.

As a Leader think outside the box but prepare with those margins and re-set for the future.

His magazine and various Leadership resources: gettalk.at/ELIAS

With a career spanning more than twenty years, and engaged at over a thousand conferences and events, presenting to more than half-a-million attendees through fifteen countries, Greg Ward is one of Australasia’s leading MC’s, Virtual Hosts and Speakers.

Greg is a life-long student of human behaviour and is insanely curious about humans. He believes that to truly understand others, you must first be insanely curious about yourself. https://www.gregwardspeaker.com

In this episode Greg mentions:

In the moments of crises you realise how much more resilience you have available to you. The brain will drive you forward. As leaders these are perfect times to reflect. When the lymbic system is under pressure sometimes we realise we don’t know what we DO know because the flight & flight is taking over. So reflecting and then taking one incremental step forward is key.

Greg shares some of his own personal story of mental health and his technique for when you feel like you ‘don’t want to get up’. Break it down in to tiny incremental moments: Open my eyes, turn my head, look at the clock, slide my feet out of the bed… until I get to the moment of smiling. By doing this you’re able to move mountains one tiny step at a time.

I’m your host, speaker, author and Impact Entrepreneur and mother of 3. Aka the Go to Girl and the Up Your Brave Mentor, I help people to Amplify their Impact in business and life. You can watch previous episodes and learn more here: https://nataliecutlerwelsh.com/

Some of the things I mention

People often get stuck in the pattern of living in the “should zone” by doing what they “should” do or what they said they “would” do.

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