Welcome to Episode 2 of the #UpYourBrave Livestream Panel series.  How do you support kids through tricky and changing times?  Today I talk to my three guests Celia Hogan, Judith Yeabsley and Anne Cullen, and together we share tips and insights on supporting kids through challenging times. 

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Natalie Cutler-Welsh is your host.  She’s a speaker, author, Impact Entrepreneur and mother of three. Founder of Go to Girl Ltd and the Amplify Membership, and Diamond level doTerra Leader, Nat helps people to #UptheirBrave, say what they WANT & make it happen!

You can find Nat here: http://nataliecutlerwelsh.com/about/. You can also check out the other videos in the #UpYourBrave series here: http://nataliecutlerwelsh.com/video-series/.

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