In this conscious conversation, Go to Girl Natalie Cutler-Welsh is chatting with environmental psychologist Susan Somerville about the importance of nature for mental health and happiness. This is part of the Impact Entrepreneur series where we’re shining the light on amazing people doing amazing things – all with a positive social impact.

As Susan says: “Nature is medicine” and not only children but everyone can benefit from less screen time and more stream time (nature).

One of the things she mentioned to me off camera was that the current generation of kids has a lower life expectancy than we do! What??? If you’re concerned about the state of mental health and wellbeing in general and specifically in New Zealand contact me if you want to help us do something about it.

You can learn more about Susan Somerville and the work she does for companies/spaces wanting to bring more nature into their workplace at: Humanise – making spaces fit for people.


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