It’s time for some #consciousconversations with Natalie Cutler-Welsh and Amanda Betts and this time it’s all about body image and self perception.


Amanda Betts & Natalie Cutler-Welsh

Body image has such a profound impact on our confidence and sense of self.

My mantra is “Love what you got” rather than focussing on what you don’t have or don’t like. Because what you focus on festers, what you magnify manifests, what you BELIEVE you achieve.

If you’re feeding yourself insults and berating yourself for what you did or did not eat and what you do or don’t look like, that will play out in other areas of your life as well. Speaker and advocate for at risk youth Amanda Betts has lots to say on this topic. We’re keen to hear what you think too. Comment with your thoughts & scroll to watch more from the Impact Entrepreneur series.

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