Welcome to season two of the Impact Entrepreneur series where I have the honour of having  #consciousconversations  with awesome Impact Entrepreneurs who are having a positive impact on the world and sharing their Gold with us. In this episode Tui Fleming and I dive deep into the topic of “Authentic Leadership” and two tools that can help you know who you are!

Enjoy this video where you’ll gain some insight and we look forward to your comments on this interesting topic of leadership and particularly Authentic Leadership and what that actually means.

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I’m a huge fan of knowing not just your ‘personality type’ but also your ‘strengths’.  In fact, the Clifton Strengths Finder is one of the tools I consistently use with the leaders on my Doterra team so that I can understand them and mentor them to their strengths.

Keen to learn more from Tui Fleming:

https://tuifleming.com/free-sleep-meditation/ for a sampler of her meditation voice which I bring through in bespoke recordings to help instal new beliefs, supporting your strengths and desires. Or, just a free meditation for impact entrepreneurs who are firing on all cylinders and need a good nights sleep.

Www.gallupstrengthscenter.com for the assessment (Tui’s packages include the assessment)


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