Pivoting Your Life / Business to Create Your New Normal – Episode 13

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Welcome to Episode 13 of the #UpYourBrave Livestream Panel series. We’re entering a new phase of life post COVID-19 so how do you want it to be? What do you want your “new normal” to look like in your life/business/work and is it time to potentially pivot?  I’m thrilled to have three awesome guests share their insights and tips on Pivoting your Life/Business to Create Your New Normal.  

Cath Vincent is a speaker, author and all round go-getter who’s been a business consultant for 20+ years. After a string of corporate achievements, Cath remained restless and unfulfilled until she decided to ‘Wake up her WOW!’  After Cath moved to NZ, she launched a new career as a motivational speaker, and quickly gained recognition from audiences, peers, and the National Speakers Association, winning the Brightstar award.  Cath has worked with clients including ANZ, KPMG, Texas State University, and Chevron Australia, and has done a TEDx talk on Leadership.  Cath believes every person, no matter what their circumstances, can dramatically improve the quality of their life with simple micro-changes.

You can find Cath here: http://wakeupyourwow.com/, https://www.s38.co.nz/, http://www.cathvincent.com/ and https://www.thecathvincentshow.com/.

In this episode Cath mentions: 

  • Not to rush back to ‘normal’.  This a real opportunity to create change for yourself. If you have that pull to get back to your normal life, there is a tension there between how things are and what things used to be.  Just like comparing yourself to others is a sure fire way not to be happy, it’s the same for comparing yourself to how you used to be.  Grab a blank sheet of paper and create your life from scratch now rather than desperately trying to get back to something that has you in a state of tension rather than a state of possibility. 
  • Create a new job description, even if you don’t have a ‘job’ and are entrepreneurial in nature.  Have a quirky title that speaks to you and three performance indicators so you know what your job is right now.  Cath shares her own experience of doing this in a challenging time which gave her tremendous relief when she realised what she should be doing, could measure it and then just turn up and do it. Having some guidelines on how you really want to spend your time makes you much more productive.  
  • Decide to be happy. It’s a decision and it’s a choice. And there’s so much research that supports that happiness increases productivity. 

Julian Smit is an International Keynote Speaker, longtime friend of Nat and has 20+ years experience in Marketing and Digital Media Production.  He’s an expert in Digital Marketing, Social Advertising, Multimedia Production, Content Marketing and SEO.  Based in Canada, Julian has a YouTube channel and Podcast called BIYF (Balls In Your Face) Marketing, which attracted 3.7K subscribers and 180K video views in the first season, and features business experts and thought leaders from around the world.  Julian has won multiple awards for campaigns he’s managed on behalf of blue-chip organisations such as Johns Hopkins, Allstate and Manulife Financial.

You can find Julian here: https://biyf.marketing/, https://jdnevins.com/, https://jdnevins.ca/, https://www.msa-school.com/, and also see http://tunehall.com/.

In this episode Julian mentions: 

  • This is a great opportunity to hone in and cherish the things that are most important. Really determine what gives your life meaning and focus on how you start to live your life accordingly.  While things can appear tough, if you take a step back and look at the broad history of humanity where the normal human experience over the course of time has been death, disease and war, it’s important to hone in on how good we have it and how much things have improved.  
  • When you present that perfect image, people see through that.  The more you talk about your struggle it actually endears you to people. It’s a great opportunity to identify who you are, what’s important to you, what those values are and what those flaws are. 
  • Curb your frivolous wants. If you haven’t been doing it over lockdown, do you really need to do it now?

Natalie Tolhopf is a speaker, author and coach who helps five figure businesses double revenue through confidence and action.  She works with personal brands to help them drive their business with imperfect action and increase their sales.  Nat says: “it’s not perfection that will bring you the success you want…it’s the belief and the actions”.  Nat does this work because she believes women are falling victim to the social media highlight reels and trying to battle it alone. 

You can find Natalie here: https://natalietolhopf.com/ and check out her new book: https://natalietolhopf.com/allergic-to-perfect-book/.

In this episode Natalie mentions: 

  • Prior to Covid, people had projects on the back burner because they weren’t ready and that it wasn’t perfect yet.  Since then though Nat has seen people ‘lean in’, because actually there’s never a perfect time.  No one has time to judge, so it’s a great time to just go for it. So ask yourself, why are you just holding onto something if it’s not perfect yet, when things are so imperfect right now?  So what can you do right now instead of waiting? It’s the perfect time to take imperfect action. 
  • No one has been through such a pandemic before this, so that makes you your own expert in your business. So rather than looking at what others are doing, remember they’ve never been here before either, so what do you think are the right steps for you?  Look to your inner mentor and check in with yourself first, because you’re the expert of where you’re at right now and where you want to go.

Natalie Cutler-Welsh is your host, speaker, author, Impact Entrepreneur and mother of 3. Aka the Go to Girl and the Up Your Brave Mentor, and she helps people to Amplify their Impact, business and wellness.  Nat helps people to #UptheirBrave, say what they WANT & make it happen! 

In this episode Nat mentions: 

  • Rather than being in the ‘should’ or ‘frustrated’ zone, get into the ‘impact’ zone.  Now is a good time to come back to your intention of what it is you want to do in your life. Nat refers to a book she comes back to called The Big 5 For Life – what are the 5 things you want to do, be and experience in your lifetime?  And when you know those 5 things, it can guide you to create the life you want.  
  • Stay in your strengths.  Nat’s obsessed with the Clifton Strength Finder. We don’t need to be well rounded and amazing at everything.  Find the five things that are your strengths.  If you don’t know what your strengths are, do your strength test and navigate your life so you’re using your strengths, and life will become easier and more fun.  

This is one of the #upyourbrave livestream series designed to help raise the state of resilience, health and happiness on a global level.  

You can find Nat here: http://nataliecutlerwelsh.com/about/. You can also check out the other videos in the #UpYourBrave series here: http://nataliecutlerwelsh.com/video-series/.

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