Mindset & Motivation in Times of Change – Episode 11

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Welcome back to the #UpYourBrave video series. How do you maintain a positive mindset and motivation, especially in challenging times? In this episode I talk to three awesome guests who share their insights and tips about Mindset and Motivation in Times of Change.

Lauren Parsons is a coach, consultant, award-winning wellbeing specialist, TEDx speaker, author of Real Food Less Fuss, and founder of Get Fit Feel Fabulous and the Snack on Exercise movement.  She believes that everyone deserves to thrive, and with 20 years experience in health and wellbeing, Lauren is passionate about equipping and inspiring people to truly boost their health and happiness.  Lauren works with organisations to create a high-energy, peak-performance team culture, which enables people to thrive. 

You can find Lauren here: www.laurenparsonswellbeing.com, download her ebook and checklists at livewellworkwell, see her TEDx – Snack on Exercise, and follow her podcasts at thrivetvshow.com.

In this episode Lauren mentions: 

  • To switch on your motivation, focus on the satisfied feeling of completion. Eg: if you’re wanting to go for a run, rather than focusing on the discomfort of running and pounding the pavement, picture yourself feeling amazing coming back up the drive, and how proud you’ll be.  You can apply this across the board, whether it’s to get your tax return done or have a courageous conversation.  Focus on that internal conversation and the end outcome first, of how satisfied you’ll feel when you’re done.  Lauren loves James Clear’s book Atomic Habits, and making habits stick over the longer term.
  • If you find yourself disconnecting from your goals, picture the goal at the top of a very tall ladder, and then focus on just getting to the next rung – and eventually you’ll be so close to the top that the goal won’t seem so far off.   
  • Focus on building a resilient mindset by:  
    • Focusing on what you can control. 
    • Asking yourself constantly, is what you’re doing helpful or harmful? 
    • Avoid catastrophizing where you jump to the worst possible outcome.  Come back to the facts – replace the fear with the facts to reassure yourself in the moment. 

Nick Hoyle has been self-employed since 2007, and has had a number of different businesses, building his first $1m business before 30.  Nick’s a great networker and has created a huge resource online with over 7,000 businesses interacting monthly. Having been through some massive highs and lows, Nick’s message is simple: your mindset determines your success, get that piece right and the rest will follow.

You can find Nick here: New Zealand Small Business Owners Forum, and at Instagram on @nickmrawesomehoyle.

In this episode Nick mentions: 

  • Be aware of what influences you, whether it’s people or content.  Who are the people that influence you, do they have a positive effect on you or not?  Sometimes it’s those we’re not consciously aware of that can be thorns in our side – it might be family that mean well, but who are not necessarily on the same journey.  Really let the good influences in.
  • There’s no point getting upset about things you can’t control, instead see the opportunity. Every business owner needs to work on their adversary quotient, so if/when challenges occur you’re able to respond to it.  When we understand what it is we can really control, that gives us a massive amount of leverage on what it is that we want. Reflect on what you really want and drill down on that, it becomes easy to achieve with the right mindset. 

Deborah Workman is a coach, speaker, trainer and one of the leading experts in living and leading a successful life. With 20 years’ corporate travel experience working predominantly with Air New Zealand, Deborah is passionate about success, as success for most is elusive. Deborah has learned that love is all about connection and loving yourself, otherwise you won’t let love in and will instead present a mask to the world on what’s really going on.  Deborah’s vision is to help people get present to living in the now moment and she shines the light on people to make them brighter and more visible to the world.

You can find Deborah here: www.deborahworkman.com

In this episode Deborah mentions: 

  • Each morning create a ‘power hour’ that’s right for you and fills you up. Deborah shares what she does in her first hour of the morning which includes waking early, meditating, Wim Hoff breathing, and an early morning walk with her husband and dog, to help her feel clearer, get her exercise in and to connect with her husband without distractions. That sets her up for the day – her mindset is at 110% and her happiness is through the roof.
  • Start writing and visualising your goals, if you know what you want and what you’re focused on there’s more chance of that coming to you.  Deborah shares the steps for manifesting what she wants to bring in:  
    • Start with your intention – what is that you want? When you state it, make sure there’s an element of reality and believability in it and that it’s not such a big step away that you become disconnected with it.   
    • Create a graphic representation of it so not only are you saying what you want, but you’re also visualising it, which trains your unconscious mind to go out and get it. 
    • Be congruent with the desire and longing for what you’re wanting – bring the emotion into it.
    • Do it all the time – place your vision goals in multiple locations to stay focused on bringing these goals in. Deborah uses fiverr to create her vision goals (for $10), which she has set up for the next 6-12 months.

Natalie Cutler-Welsh is your host, parenting author at @ifonlytheytoldme, and resilience, visibility and wellness mentor at Natalie Cutler-Welsh: Go to Girl.  Nat helps people to Up Their Brave and ‘Amplify their Impact’ in life, business and wellness.

 In this episode Nat mentions: 

  • Do you have an attitude of gratitude or ‘crap-attitude’?  If we focus on the negative, and the ‘should’ zone, with low energy, it’s very draining. To get out of that should/frustrated zone, really have that attitude of gratitude.  See the good, focus on the positive.  While we know this intellectually be aware and ask yourself am I in gratitude, or crap-attitude at the moment?  It’s OK to have a pity party now and then, the goal isn’t to be happy 24/7, but ask yourself, how do you want to feel and show up, remembering we’re the creators of our own life. 
  • Dropping the words should, need and just from your vocabulary is a game changer, and swap for ‘I’m ready’ or ‘I want’.  
  • Ask yourself what’s cool about you?  It helps to raise your confidence and energy, and you see the good and cool things that make you ‘you’.

You can find Nat here: http://nataliecutlerwelsh.com/about/. You can also check out the other videos in the #UpYourBrave series here: http://nataliecutlerwelsh.com/video-series/.

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