Mindfulness and Self Love during Times of Challenge – Episode 12

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Mindfulness and self love are so important, especially now during this time of uncertainty and change.  In this episode I talk to three awesome guests who share their insights and tips about Mindfulness and Self Love during Times of Challenge. 

Sarah Menlove is a certified holistic health and mastery level transformation coach, specialising in intuitive eating and body image. She helps women from all walks of life break free from body shame, restrictive eating, guilt and negative self-talk so they can find freedom in their bodies and their lives. 

You can find Sarah here: www.sarahmenlovehealthcoaching.com, on Facebook at  sarahmenlove.health and Instagram at sarahmenlove.health

In this episode Sarah mentions: 

  • For many, self love seems like something obtained externally vs self compassion which is more internally based, around sitting with our feelings from a place of compassion.  That can be acknowledging ourselves and our feelings as they arrive, rather than judging yourself on how you’re feeling or comparing.  Sarah talks about her own challenges on the self love journey, and how self compassion has been a powerful practice for her.  Speak to yourself the same way you would to someone you love, and look at ways to show up for yourself and tend to your own heart. 
  • When we’re deeply connected to our inherent self worth, then the practices we do outside of ourselves are going to be loving.  Whether it’s going after a new career or heading in a new direction, we’ll be more likely to take those actions when we know our internal worth. With so much change right now, if you place your worth on external factors like your body or how much money you make and that changes we’ll feel like we’ve lost ourselves. 

Brian Berneman is a wellness coach and facilitator, who has helped hundreds of people around the world lead more balanced and meaningful lives.  With a background in neuroscience and 15+ years of experience teaching and practicing yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and different healing modalities, Brian is able to synthesize modern scientific knowledge with ancient wisdom to help his clients get the results they desire.  Having taught hundreds of workshops around the world, Brian has empowered people to realise their full potential and enable them to live a stress-free and meaningful life. Committed to conscious lifestyle practices, Brian also co-founded Conscious Action, a movement of people committed to living more intentionally, and You Being You, a series of courses helping people connect to themselves, others and their higher purpose.

You can find Brian here: https://www.brianberneman.com/, https://www.facebook.com/brianberneman, htttps://www.consciousaction.co.nz/, https://youbeingyou.org/ and https://www.instagram.com/brianberneman/

In this episode Brian mentions: 

  • Open your perspective to what else is out there, and what else is possible both inside and outside. To start on our journey to be mindful and to have more self love and calmness, we need to have that openness to see things from a different perspective, to avoid resisting things that might be different. And that’s where we enter the world of possibilities, and living more consciously and mindfully.
  • Do things differently.  We are creatures of habit and we’re going to have the same patterns as long as we keep on repeating our habits. So ask yourself, what can you do differently? Start small, even just change the hand you brush your teeth with or change the way you go to work to start creating a new neural pathway. This means you’re not repeating your same habits, and allows you to be more flexible.  This then starts to transpire into other aspects of your life and in turn starts to change your thoughts, energy and emotions.  
  • What is your way to become more present and more mindful?  When we do things on autopilot it’s hard to get to that place of being more aware, so it’s about that balance of doing things differently but being present at the same time.  

Kamni Russell-Raju is a collaborator, networker, bra fit body empowerment specialist, the creator of BABE in business and mother of three. She has travelled the highs and lows of life, business and body/self love.  Kamni lives in Blenheim but was born in Fiji and grew up in Tonga. Kamni has created “self-love” for herself to create better experiences in her life, business, marriage and parenting.

You can find Kamni here: https://www.facebook.com/BrasAndBriefsExpert and  https://www.instagram.com/brasandbriefexpert.

In this episode Kamni mentions: 

  • Her own journey around self love, after being raised in culture focused on serving others. Kamni started creating rituals around liking herself, and had to question whether what she was doing and thinking were in fact her own thoughts.  One of her biggest struggles was sitting down to a hot cup of tea, so she started to turn that around by owning that time, rather than serving others and having it cold. It was about learning to say what you want, and then making it happen. 
  • Trust and respect ourselves, because it’s our born right.  Trust yourself to make a mistake because it’s a learning curve, and give yourself the same self respect you would give a friend or family member.   
  • Your self love is your responsibility. Go with it, rather than being that miserable person looking in the mirror.  

Natalie Cutler-Welsh is your host, speaker, author, Impact Entrepreneur and mother of 3. Aka the Go to Girl and the Up Your Brave Mentor, she helps people to Amplify their Impact, business and wellness. Founder of Go to Girl Ltd and the Amplify Membership and Diamond level doTerra Leader, Nat helps people to #UptheirBrave, say what they WANT and make it happen! 

In this episode Nat mentions: 

  • How she wakes up in the morning and says “hello beautiful day, hello beautiful body”.  That allows her to acknowledge and embrace the day, and to take a moment of gratitude for her body. 
  • In terms of daily habits, consider essential oils.  Magnolia is the oil of self compassion, ideal if you’re a bit judgy to yourself or others. Essential oils can be useful to shift the way you’re thinking and feeling and to acknowledge your emotions and process them.

You can watch previous episodes and learn more at: http://nataliecutlerwelsh.com/.  

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