Is your Money Mindset one of abundance or lack?

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I’m all about helping people to Up their Brave and raise their resilience and wellness and this includes the money side of life.  Whether you’re in business, working, at home w kids or whatever… money management and mindset is an integral part of what we do.

So a question for you… Would you consider yourself to have a money mindset of lack or abundance?

From what I’ve seen and discovered over my 8 years in business, it seems related to fixed vs growth mindset too.  My growth mindset has helped me to invisage, create and take action but I’ve always had a ‘ other people need it more than me’ mindset when it comes to money.

Don’t get me wrong! I LOVE and adore money because to me money is Opportunity to change the world!

But my mindset and receiving has been something I’ve had to proactively work on.

I dive into that more in this #ConsciousConversation video interview which is totally worth a watch – especially if you want to improve your money mindset.

Here I’m chatting w Malaine Lea about True abundance and financial resilience as part of my Impact Entrepreneurs series 🎤💫

I’ve seen the health impacts of money stress so I’m excited to dive into this topic as part of season 2. We’ve got some great tips for you around having a healthy money mindset and a few activities you can do to raise your financial resilience. Enjoy & comment w your thoughts! 😘


You can watch the video above and if you want help to move towards money magic here’s a bit more info about her program.  Here’s the link to do Malaine’s awesome 30 days of Money Magic program which I’ve done and found it totally transformational in terms of both mindset, habits and creating money shifts in your life!

Malaine’s videos & daily tasks take you through 30 short yet powerful exercises delivered daily to create more abundance and wealth in your life and more confidence, faith & Trust that abundance is their new normal and way of being.

We like to say:

30 days to release the story that does NOT serve you around money.

30 days to step into the paradigm of EXCESSIVE money and abundance.

30 days of owning and valuing the REAL YOU and receiving the abundance that you rightfully deserve.

30 days of coming home to the truth….​

You can purchase & start this program anytime but I definitely recommend you commit to doing the full 30 days for the best shifts and results.

You get it. And maybe you have experienced yourself thinking… I gotta work my ass off for the money. I gotta work hard for the money. I gotta push to make the money. Those are all LIES. LIES, FACADES, UNTRUTHS

The truth is making money can be… FUN, EASY, EFFORTLESS, ENJOYABLE, EXPANDING and so much more…. Forgetting that it is easy is forgetting the powerful divine creator of who you really are.

So beautiful join Malaine and the tribe of women who are ready to change the MONEY GAME FOREVER. Let’s commit to 30 days of creating money magic…​

If money blocks or beliefs have been a problem for you in the past or if you simply WANT more abundance so you can up your impact… I urge and invite you to #UpYourBrave and invest in a super smart place which is Malaine’s 30 day Money Magic program.

I’m so excited for you!

x Nat