Handpicked For You

Here are some of the awesome products, programs & services that I’ve hand picked to help you to #upyourbrave so you can have the impact that you want!

Some of these are proudly affiliate links so please use my link or promo code to purchase. When you do this a small percentage of 'thank you commission' comes back to me enabling me to pour into free things like the #upyourbrave video series and contribute to other causes designed to raise resilience & wellness in New Zealand and beyond.
xx Nat

How do you want to feel?

This is always one of my kick off questions when I chat with someone about their wellness (or their life in general). Because how we feel is key. Quite often people will reply with what they want less of for example 'less overwhelmed' or 'less anxious' so I also ask them what they want more of... What would you say? How do YOU want to feel? And are you ready to do something different to make it happen?

Resilience & Wellness

One of the things we will discuss at your Wellness Lifestyle overview is what you actually WANT your life to look like. Then we look at the mindset tools, essential oils and products, daily habits that you can tweak to move towards the lifestyle and vibe that you want. Because remember... YOU are the CEO of your own life (and wellness).

The Risk of Generosity Burnout

As busy people (and often in women) we are in the habit of saying YES to things either because we feel bad saying no or it's expected of us. Enough of the Give Give Give. I’ve seen thousands of busy women making themselves the last priority in their own lives. It’s time to remember that in order to help people and have the impact you WANT, is being able to receive and to make #1 (that's YOU) your number one priority. Saying yes to YOU & making daily use of oils (with your yoga or pilates routine) or in the diffuser to keep you focussed or uplifted... is a great way to to this. And as a result reduce the risk of generosity burnout.

Want to help others to get oils too?

Most people that share oils with others (through gifting oils or samples, sharing stories, hosting classes...) didn't do it with a 'business' in mind. They just couldn't help themselves - because they had seen such great results like with digest zen aka tummy tamer or past tense on the neck & shoulders during really tough times...

If you're keen to learn how to help others to get oils and possibly earn free oils or income and also increase your positive impact... contact me and let's chat about what that would look like for you.