Emotions & Mindset In Times Of Change – Episode 14

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Welcome to episode 14 in this #UpYourBrave Livestream Panel.  Today my fabulous guests and I discussed tips and insights to help support your Emotions & Mindset During Times of Change.

Tanya Carr-Smith is a coach, guide and yoga teacher supporting and empowering women to create and experience more freedom and flow in their lives. Tanya guides you intuitively and strategically to gain the insights you need to embody your truth and build a deeper connection to your mind, body and soul. Tanya believes in the beautiful collision of science and spirituality as well as the important part that nature plays in curating the connection we have with ourselves and who we are becoming.  She is also a Mama to three young kids, works in tertiary education and an absolute wannabe surfer who would call the beach or the bush her happy place. 

You can find Tanya here: https://tanyacarrsmith.com/, https://www.instagram.com/tanyacarrsmith/ and find out about Tanya’s upcoming Yoga Retreat here: https://www.facebook.com/tanyacarrsmithcoach/events

In this episode Tanya mentions:

  • The ‘should’ really gets our emotions. When our emotions are heightened, we come back to the ‘should’ when you actually need to bring yourself back down a little and consider what feels good for yourself right now. We end up in this ‘expectation hangover’ where we have expectations on ourselves and others, and when they don’t happen, we get down and get into the ‘should’.  Rather than sitting in the ‘should’, sit in how you feel for yourself and take note of that rather than paying attention to what others are doing. 
  • We’re cyclical beings and we can’t always be up. For women, track your menstrual cycle and the emotions during points in that cycle.  When are the times in the month that you’re fantastic at: planning; bringing through ideas; executing; socialising? And when do you need to rest and recoup?  When we start to get a pattern we can begin to work our day and weeks alongside that. 

Jesse Graham describes herself as a “uniquely designed and authenticated by time” kinda human being. She hasn’t always been so aware, but is so glad now she is.  Jesse is married to her absolute trust buddy and they have three beautiful children, she’s also the youngest of eight, and has over 100 first cousins.  Jesse loves being a wellness advocate with doTERRA. She’s learned to love herself through using the oils daily and has been able to do some very deep healing, the kind that some people would only dream of.  From her own journey that makes Jesse a bit of an expert at knowing how to use the oils for emotional, metaphysical and spiritual healing. 

You can find Jesse here: https://www.facebook.com/jessegangstapreneur and www.mydoterra.com/jessegraham.  

In this episode Jesse mentions:

  • Essential oils have the power to influence your emotional state and anchor you.  Jesse shares her story on how essential oils have had a positive influence on her life, and how they create a neurological pathway that then associates that smell with a new emotional behavior that you’re then going to exhibit.   
  • You’ve got to go back in order to move forward. How you feel at the moment is informed by a whole lot of stuff, which influences how we perceive and process information and how that manifests as behaviour.  The critical reflection takes courage to reflect back on what has happened and understand the impact that has on your emotions, mind and body response.  Through this process you get to begin that healing process. It involves honesty, and isn’t about blaming, but knowing and beginning to change the course of your future. This could be by writing a letter to yourself/someone else (but not sending it) or journaling what you want to express and beginning to let it out. Through that process you’re freeing things up for the good and new stuff to come in.

Robert C Robertson is an entrepreneur, speaker and productivity expert who helps people move from frantic to flow, providing the tools for greater time freedom, self-esteem and inner trust. Rob has developed the Emotional Fitness™ toolkit, the Time Productivity Engine™ and Team Trust Engine.™, which combine Rob’s passion for technology with powerful Emotional Fitness™ strategies, resulting in better decisions, reduced stress and achieving more in less time. Rob’s own results across sport, life and business have been greatly enhanced by using these tools. As Founder/CEO of Unboxed Performance, Rob leads a remote team, helping clients choose the right strategy and technology to build an inspired remote workplace. 

You can find Rob here: https://www.robertcrobertson.com, book a free strategy session at https://www.meetrcr.com/, and see Remote Work Voice Podcast

In this episode Rob mentions:

  • He’s a big believer in flow – listen to your instincts and what’s going right.  Listen inside, and what flows, you follow.  Especially in this time of change, it’s about letting go of expectations and control, not having to know…and just being.  
  • ‘Shoulds’ are headstuff. We can live our life on ‘shoulds’ and what we’ve been told, but it’s about listening inside and trusting our instincts, and knowing the difference between the ‘shoulds’ and our true drivers. 
  • Emotional fitness is about thinking of our emotions like a muscle – if you don’t use it then we have limited range of use of that muscle.  Emotions are the same.  If we can’t handle negative emotions, that’s limited emotional fitness. The first thing is to accept and understand all ranges of emotions.  We own our emotions and build our resilience by being able to handle the negative emotions.  One technique is emotional unblocking – when you feel a negative emotion, express it privately and ask where it’s coming from.  You keep going down through the layers into the unconscious – releasing the layers.  As a form of self healing, you ‘debaggagise’, let go of your stuff and begin to change your self esteem.

Natalie Cutler-Welsh is your host, speaker, author, Impact Entrepreneur and mother of 3. Aka the Go to Girl and the Up Your Brave Mentor, Nat helps people to Amplify their Impact, business and wellness with her Amplify Membership and Essential Oils

In this episode Nat mentions:

  • Whether it’s coaching your clients or catching up with your kids, start off with a celebration and one to fives.  What’s one win they’ve had in their life lately and how are they going on a scale of one to five?  It helps to get that person’s mindset in a positive frame and let’s you know where they’re at. 
  • Understand the difference between a ‘fixed mindset’ and a ‘growth mindset’.  Acknowledge how you feel rather than pushing it down, whether it’s adults or kids.  Being able to acknowledge the ‘fixed’ and trying to move toward  a growth mindset is a big step in terms of your happiness and mental health.   

This is one of the #UpYourBrave livestream series designed to help raise the state of resilience, health and happiness on a global level. 

You can find Nat here: http://nataliecutlerwelsh.com/about/. You can also check out the other videos in the #UpYourBrave series here: http://nataliecutlerwelsh.com/video-series/.

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