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Here are some of the awesome women who have decided to share essential oils with others and are leaders on my Go to Girl Essential Wellness team.

Business owners, teachers, mums and more

Steph Johnstone has a love of food and a heart of Gold. She’s been using essential oils since her kids were babies (the famous lavender & cup of tea story) and has a wealth of knowledge around cooking with oils. Steph’s mission is to: Inspire a healthy lifestyle and make a difference.

Steph Johnstone, Create & Thrive

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Our mission is to enhance lives for the better with consideration of social needs – not just our own (including our immediate friends and family) but also of those that create what we purchase.

Create & Thrive Website
Sharleen has an extensive background in nursing, natropathy As a speaker and workshop facilitator she specialises in helping Midlife women to have the Courage to make their bucket lists a reality. Sharleen is a Silver level leader on my team.

Sharleen Greer, Midlife Courage

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Midlife is potent and it is extraordinary.

Midlife age is an asset and we can use it to our advantage and begin to prepare for it if we can dispel the midlife myths.

Midlife Courage website

Jo is a registered massage therapist and mother of 3. Jo has a massive depth of knowledge around the oils and their potential to positively impact the body and overall wellness. She is a Platinum level leader on my team and a Founder of Doterra in NZ. Jo is based in Auckland, North Shore.

Jo Worrall

If you’re wanting Community & Connection… You’ll get that with DoTerra. I’m all about treating people “equal but not the same”

Natalie Cutler-Welsh & some of her DoTerra team

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Alison a marathon mentor (literally) she’s run 11 marathons and is an expert in essential oils for athletes. She’s mum to Axel and is originally from the UK. With a background in Journalism Alison loves the learning and detail side of doterra. Her depth of knowledge is unparallelled.

Alison King, Running Tips with Alison King

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I am a reformed couch potato who is powered by nature – essential oils provide me with the mental edge as well as physical benefits.
You too can transform your body and mind through running and essential oils.

Running on Oils website

Lisa hails from Ireland and is based in Wellington, NZ. She is a certified Life Coach and a Surfing instructor. Lisa loves to incorporate doterra essential oils into her daily routine as well as her coaching and mindset work. Ice blue rub is pretty awesome after a hard days surfing too!

Lisa Faherty, Live Laugh Love Oils

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Lisa is all about educating and inspiring you to use daily lives to have fun and follow your dreams!

Live Laugh Love on fb

Josie MacDonald is a teacher, mum of 2 and mentor for mums who want more ‘Me Time’. Originally from Brazil, she is a passionate advocate for the essential oils especially to help busy mums feel pampered and empowered – while also taking care of their kids.

Josie MacDonald, Me Time with Josie

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Empowering you to get the Me Time you deserve.

Me Time with Josie
Let’s Amplify your Wellness with Essential Oils. They are amazing for helping you to have the wellness you WANT. Whether it’s energy, sleep, overwhelm or simply wanting to swap to non tox cleaning products, there’s an oil for everything! Learn or book a free wellness consult with me.

&nbspNatalie Cutler-Welsh, Doterra Diamond Leader & Wellness Advocate

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Claire Deeks is well known for her foodie blog ‘Dom’s Kitchen’ named after her son Dominic. Claire is an ex-lawyer and passionate foodie. She cares deeply about justice and seeing things right in the world with Wellness as a top priority.

&nbspClaire Deeks, Dom’s Kitchen

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Dom’s Kitchen is all about helping parents create happier, healthier families - with a focus on food and essential oils - and keeping it real about the ups and downs this involves.

So real food, real talk and real life - online and off.

Dom's Kitchen
Pounamu Skelton is all about reconnecting ourselves back to nature and all the healing gifts that we can receive.
One of the many gifts she shares is the power of Essential Oils and how the Mauri from plants, flowers, bark and leaves are able to naturally support the health and wellbeing of you and your Whanau. Pounamu Skelton, Living Essential

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Living a life with energy and vitality.

Living Essentials website

Louise Dexter works at the NZ school of Chiropractic and is trained in the Aromatouch technique. This plus being a mum of two grown up kids has shown her the power and impact of essential oils and now she’s sharing that with others.

Louise Dexter/strong>

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Here are the 4 main reasons that people start a doterra business


Connecting with other people who share similar values, goals and dreams is an important part of happiness and fulfillment. It's also one of the main reasons that people choose to grow a doterra business of their own.


Imagine being able to choose exactly how you spend your oh so valuable time and energy? Being the boss of your calendar as well as your business? Being able to pick your kids up from school or watch their cross country race without watching the clock...

Finances (Amplify your Income)

Having 'financial freedom' is a big draw for people. It's not quick and it's not easy but it is worth it. Whether your goal is $200/month, $2000 or $20K you can make it happen with the right mingset, belief and work ethic.


Having a positive impact on the world and wanting to 'make a difference' is a big reason for many people. For me this and income were the two things I wanted the most!

Want to learn how you can Amplify your Impact, Income, Community and Flexibility with doterra?

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