Attitude & Gratitude In Times of Change – Episode 21

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How you think and feel has a massive impact on your life. In this episode of the #UpYourBrave Livestream we share tips, tools & insights on Attitude & Gratitude in Times of Change.

Nicky Perry is founding director of New Zealand based business AwesoME Inc and creator of the Resilient ME range of gratitude journals.  With a background in scientific publishing and psychology, coupled with a 25+ year career in graphic design, and Nicky’s friend and co-founder asked if she could design her a gratitude journal, Nicky had the expertise to bring it to life.  This started Nicky’s investigation into the science behind the practice of gratitude, and the growth of AwesoME Inc into a leading provider of wellbeing journals that help kids, teens and adults improve their mental fitness, by learning simple resilience building tools.  Nicky now collaborates with, and provides resources for, organisations such as Oranga Tamariki (The Ministry for Children) and The Ministry of Education in New Zealand, as well as leading psychologists, well-being professionals, schools, charities and sports clubs across the world.

You can find Nicky here: www.AwesomeEndsIn.Me, and  

In this episode Nicky mentions:

  • Ditching the ‘self’ attitude and what’s going wrong focus, instead flipping to focus on what’s going right, what you’re good at and using your strengths to change your overall attitude.    
  • Using gratitude while you’re meditating activates the vagus nerve and is like a warm fuzzy – it puts your heart and brain in sync, slowing down your heart rate and actually strengthening your heart, and gets your body back in check.  It’s the reimagining of those ‘warm fuzzy’ feelings that have the most power. 
  • One of the main reasons they created their journals without a date was because you don’t want the ‘guilt’ factor (about not completing it each day) when you’re wanting to feel grateful. While some might journal everyday as part of their routine, doing it 3-4 times a week is optimal if you’re less of a daily journaler. There is research to support that it becomes less of a chore if you’re doing it when you really feel like doing it. Being really specific behind your gratitude has more power than general gratitude statements. Be specific about the why and how it makes you feel. 
  • Consider saying thank you instead of sorry.  People get in the habit of saying sorry, try instead to say thank you eg: thank you for your patience, thank you for waiting for me etc.  It’s so much more powerful and helps to change that mindset, also in terms of the way you talk to yourself. 

Melissa Mills is a speaker, mentor and New Zealand’s modern medium, and founder of the Rise with Love philosophy & podcast. Through her work with hundreds of people up and down the country, Melissa encourages others to live their best life by empowering them to co-create the life of their dreams.  Melissa has often been described as a trailblazer of her generation.  She makes being on a journey of enlightenment fun, exciting, liberating and the new normal. Since there will never be another YOU (as you are this lifetime) in all of Earth’s existence, Melissa sees it as her purpose and privilege to assist you in unlocking your gifts and talents you came here to share with the world.

You can find Melissa here:, and can also check out Melissa’s upcoming events here:,

In this episode Melissa mentions:

  • Understanding the Emotional Guidance Scale.  When it comes to attitude we want to try and be as best as we can in the vibration of love and joy, and keep in those high vibrations.  But sometimes we might be feeling sad or angry.  So by understanding the Emotional Guidance Scale we can just move up the layers to the next best feeling, and help you have that attitude of wanting to live your very best life – you’ll be able to acknowledge your feelings, but not give momentum to the ones that are holding you back. 
  • The best way to heal anything is to be grateful.  We sometimes want to blame/shame and feel guilty about the challenges in our life, but those lessons teach us about what we really want.  
  • Mediation is one of the greatest healers.  Imagine you’re focusing on your heart, and imagine the internal wall is coming down and you’re allowing yourself to be available to all the good that is there for you eg: the joy, the abundance, the empowerment etc.  As you feel into that and feel your heart expanding, then place your hands on your heart and feel into the gratitude that has led you to this moment – the challenges, the lessons, the opportunities.  Gratitude is in the same frequency as love, joy and abundance, and is the quickest way to get out of your funk. 

Briony Mckenzie is a dynamic and impact-driven life and business coach who’s enthusiasm and passion will challenge, activate and inspire soulful action.  After a number of years as a top-tier corporate lawyer, Briony made the leap to start her own coaching business called Untapped. Since then she has spoken on many stages, facilitated transformational workshops and run online coaching programmes to empower thousands to uncover their unique gifts and design and create a life that lights them up!  Briony is a loving interruption to quit chasing and start creating! 

You can find Briony here:, and You can also check out Briony’s upcoming events here:

In this episode Briony mentions:

  • It’s easy to be grateful when everything is working – a place to explore is how to be grateful in the breakdowns, and how do we be grateful when life is not going the way we planned, what is/was the gift of that experience? While that’s easier said than done, and in the moment you may not be able to figure out why ‘this’ is here for you, through powerful questioning around past events, you can get to that place of gratitude around those lessons and gifts and complete that story.  When you’re in a breakdown, be able to ask yourself ‘what is this gift’? 
  • How can we integrate the rituals of gratitude and reframing into our daily life eg:  letting the good things of abundance/joy etc rain down on you in the shower each day; go around the table at dinner and just say one thing you are grateful for; when someone tries to gift you something, allow it, like a friend gifting you a coffee.  Just say thank you and allow that gift, because often we’re blocking what is trying to come to us.  What else can you do to take these concepts and embed them into your life so you’re cued to do these things vs ‘having to sit down and do it’? How can it be a way of being and integrated into your life?

Natalie Cutler-Welsh is your host, speaker, author, Impact Entrepreneur and mother of 3. Aka the Go to Girl and the Up Your Brave Mentor, Nat helps people to Amplify their Impact, business and wellness with her Amplify Membership and Essential Oils.

In this episode Natalie mentions: 

  • Catch yourself in those micro moments, eg: when you’re texting  the ‘s’ word (should), catch yourself and reframe to ‘want’ or ‘ready’ – using empowered language.
  • See the good. It’s so easy to focus on the negatives eg: the house is such a mess, my husband was home 40 mins late, instead look for the good and that changes the energy. 
  • Daily rituals – I used to be that Mum where I didn’t take a microsecond for myself in the mornings. I just needed a few seconds to do something that was for me, and that’s where my essential oils came in.  So whether it’s a gratitude diary, or essential oils or another tool, they help you shift how you’re showing up in the world.  You’re the CEO of your own life,  we can shift our attitude, and gratitude is definitely part of that. Ditch the words Should, Need and Must from your vocab as much as possible, and use daily rituals to show up and be the person we can be so that we can have the impact we want. 

This is one of the #UpYourBrave livestream series designed to help raise the state of resilience, health and happiness on a global level.

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