Ready for Coaching & Connections to Amplify your Impact?

You've got a powerful message to share...
Maybe you haven't quite honed what that is or how to get it out to a wider audience.
Maybe you watch other people on stage or on screen and think 'I could do that'... well if you WANT to and you are ready to have a bigger impact on the world. You're in the right place.
That's what I do!
Think of me as your personal confidence & visibility mentor.
I help people to boost their "Personal Impact Factor"!
Together we will hone your message, story and your insights and help you be who you are (online and in person).
We will boost your skills for speaking/presenting on stage, screen or media. Or if you're 'ready to shine' let's get you more opportunities to do just that!
I only work with speakers or business owners who's message/product/service has a positive impact on the world.
People who are ready to shine and want my expertise, connections and support to help them Up their Brave, Up their brand and make it happen!
If that's YOU then read on...

Work with me


1 Amplify Promo Pack This is for people who are 'ready to shine' but they want an opportunity to get infront of an audience. I have 2 options for this 1) Media pitch and 2) Livestream interview plus social media/email promotion to my audience and list. This is available as part of a package or as a one off for $800+gst and is application or invite only. Contact me to discuss.

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2 AMPLIFY 1-1 Power Pack This is my intensive fast-track coaching package. Buckle your seat belt as we dive right in and GTD Get things Done on the spot, pitch & prep you for media, create your keynote or program... If you've been putting things off and you are ready to take action this is for you! If you're ready to rock, we will focus on getting you opportunities to speak on stage, online or in the media. This coaching can be delivered as a 1 day in person in Auckland (Christchurch or Wellington) or divided into 4 sessions and delivered online. .

$1200+gst Contact me to find out more and book this in.

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3 AMPLIFY 1-1 VIP This is ideal for those wanting on-going 1-1 support and coaching to Amplify their impact, Up their brave or Up their brand. This is my 3 month VIP coaching program where you'll get a fortnightly 1-1 mentoring session (online or in person)to help you really amplify your impact for your life or business. Plus you'll get access to all of the Amplify info and worksheets and fb message/phone access between sessions. This is a taylor-made package that can help you hone your message and speaking skills for stage, screen or media. We can also review your online profiles & packages/products & give you connections. Or if you're ready to rock we will focus more on getting you opportunities on stage, online or in the media to do your thing! $3500+gst or 6 months mentoring for $10k+gst *both application only.

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Wondering where to start?

Book a free 30 min Impact Strategy Assessment with me so we can identify the goals and gaps so you can Amplify your Impact even more!

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Meet My Clients

Here are some of the amazing women I've had the honour of working with to help them Amplify their positive Impact! They are speakers, business owners, coaches & consultants who were 'ready to shine' and be seen & heard on a bigger level - they just didn't know how or they wanted the connections to make it happen faster! Want that too? 


How I can help you…

My small group programs (and very limited 1-1 mentoring) focus on helping people to Up their Brave or Brand and Amplify their impact. Amplify is my "signature program" because I get to help those who are 'ready to shine'. Specifically speakers or business owners who want to get their message out to the world on stage, screen or media. I deliver this live-online and occasionally in person.

Through her work with women in business, speakers, families, and essential oils, I'm on a mission to raise the state of resilience, health and happiness on a Global scale”.

Amplify client Anne Cullen – Connection Centred Parenting


I joined Natalie's Amplify program to up-level my speaking skills and increase my confidence in front of larger audiences. The course exceeded my expectations! Natalie helped bring out the best in me in so many ways. She inspired me to completely update my website and make my branding and messaging across all my platforms clearer and more consistent. The bonus was getting spots on TWO national television shows and then being approached by a magazine to be their online spokesperson! I'm now producing daily Instagram videos to larger audiences than I ever imagined I would, all thanks to the support and information I received from Natalie. If you need someone to push you to achieving your wildest dreams and get you in front of your perfect audience, then I highly recommend working with Natalie! Anne, Cullen, Parenting Speaker & Mentor

Amplify client Josie MacDonald –
Me Time with Josie


For two years I wanted to start a YouTube Channel. I did Nat's Amplify program and then some 1-1 mentoring. She held my hand and I dove right in. Facebook live, tv, youTube. I have a tendency to be a perfectionist and then not take action. I knew I needed Nat in my life to help me to 'Up my Brave'. And I'm so glad I did! There's no stopping me now! I'm on a mission to help a million women make Me time a priority.

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