Amplify Membership *Now Open*

Let’s Amplify Your Impact on stage, screen or in the media.

Imagine this... more confidence presenting online or in person, more impact and more of your absolutely ideal clients reaching out to you because they know YOU are the one who can help.

If you're a business owner, speaker, coach or consultant, let's help you to hone your message and offerings and truly Amplify your positive Impact!

The "Amplify Membership" is officially OPEN and we would love to welcome you!

This is a private fb community where you'll get group mentoring, masterminding & motivation to help you elevate your skills and raise your resilience and visibility in an ever-changing world.


Hi I’m Natalie Cutler-Welsh aka the Go to Girl and the #UpYourBrave coach. I love working with those who are ‘ready to shine’ – they just may not know how…

Here’s a sneak peek into the Amplify membership private group

Are You READY to Up Your Brave and Amplify your Impact?
As a member here’s what you’ll get:

* A weekly video with a specific focus ranging from presenting online to crafting your keynote and more.

* A private facebook community to gain inspiration, get feedback and be held accountable to your goals and intentions. *A weekly facebook live or post with your 'focus for the week'. to help you Amplify your impact.

* 1 x per month live-online group mentoring, masterminding and Q&A zoom call.

* 1 x per month live-online 'working bee' to get-stuff-done on the spot for motivation & accountability.

* Invaluable connections to peers & potential clients/collaborations.

* All designed to help you hone your message/story/keynote, launch your program, and be more effective & impactful online, on stage and in the media. 🎤

* Tips and mentoring on topics ranging from creating your high end and entry level offer to online presence and presenting online.

Become an Amplify Member
$97/month or $247 for 3 months (save $44) *Earlybird prices

Join for $97/month

Join for $247 for 3 months

Here are some of the business owners, speakers & consultants in the Amplify Membership


As an Amplify Member you’ll receive group mentoring, tips & tools in these areas and more:

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Join me Natalie Cutler-Welsh and other awesome impact-driven business owners/speakers who like you, are ready to hone their speaking/message/story and
Amplify their positive Impact on the World!

Who am I?

Over the last 15 years as a facilitator, personal development & visibility mentor and professional speaker, I've been helping busy Business Owners and speakers to Up their Brave, raise their resilience, pivot their business, hone their message and amplify their impact.

As result they have strengthened their connections, boosted their visibility and created opportunities to get their message out, grow their business and help more people!

I know the joys and challenges that come with speaking whether it be online on zoom or facebook live, to small groups or speaking on stage. Having recorded as host and guest on over 200 podcasts, being interviewed on live TV and having spoken to audiences from 300 school children in New Zealand through to 4500 people in Sydney, Australia.

I've created the Amplify Membership for game changers like YOU It's time... to help you Amplify your IMPACT online, on stage, screen or in the media.

So if you're ready to #UpYourBrave and Up Your Brand, clarify your message and amplify your impact in life/business and on the world...

Claim your spot for the AMPLIFY Membership Let's do this!.

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Amplify Membership

Amplify your Impact

Become an Amplify Member
$97/month or $247 for 3 months (save $44) *Earlybird prices

Let’s Amplify Your Impact online, in person or in the media!

Join for $97/month
Join for $247 for 3 months

*A bit more info on the Bonus*

In the Amplify Membership you'll get access to some of GOLD from my $1200 six week Amplify program

Here’s what some of the Amplify Members have to say…

“Amplify Membership challenges my perception of how my business looks and operates and then supports a pivot.”

Judith Yeabsley, Guest Expert & Speaker on picky eaters and empowering kids to be confident eaters. aka The Confident Eater Coach.

““I joined Natalie’s Amplify program to up-level my speaking skills and increase my confidence in front of larger audiences. The course exceeded my expectations and now I’m carrying on in the Amplify Membership. Natalie helped bring out the best in me in so many ways. She inspired me to completely update my website and make my branding and messaging across all my platforms clearer and more consistent. The bonus was getting spots on TWO national television shows and then being approached by a magazine to be their online spokesperson! I’m now producing daily Instagram videos to larger audiences than I ever imagined I would, all thanks to the support and information I received from Natalie. If you need someone to push you to achieving your wildest dreams and get you in front of your perfect audience, then I highly recommend working with Natalie!”.

Anne Cullen – Motherhood Mentor & Speaker

“I am loving the weekly focus which have encouraged me to think about my message and the ‘business’ opportunities that come with it. I was also excited to be a guest on her #upyourbrave livestream series

Celia Hogan, Speaker & facilitator on getting kids outdoors, risky play & nature play. Little Kiwis Nature Play

“I have participated in Natalie’s 6 week AMPLIFY program as well as doing some 1-1 mentoring to hone my message and (finally) put myself out there on facebook lives and YouTube. It’s been both fun and invaluable. Now I’m continuing to grow my confidence and IMPACT in the Amplify membership. “
As a result of working with Nat I was featured on the AM show”

Josie MacDonald – Speaker, Guest expert and motherhood mentor on Me Time and Self Care.



Who is this for?

It's ideal for speakers (existing & aspiring) or business owners/managers who want to use their voice to get their message out. Those who want to raise their visibility, resilience and who want to boost their skills speaking online, on stage or in the media. Is that YOU? Let's do this!

How long am I committed?

Well that's really up to you. Most people dive in for the 3 months to make the most of the info, Inspo and connections but you're welcome to pay-as-you-go with the $97 monthly option. You can cancel anytime. (But why would you? lol).

What if I want more?

Yep I can definitely help in that department too. I do a free Impact Strategy Assessment to find the gaps in your business/speaking and how I can help. Contact me to book your session and let's Amplify your Impact even MORE!