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In my view, 'fun' is the secret ingredient to EVERYTHING: Success, Goals & Happiness. Even during times of massive challenge & uncertainty (like we're experiencing on a global level in 2020). Having fun is key to mental health and maintaining a positive mindset. When we're having fun, we are present, endorphins are flowing and that energy can trickle down to other aspects of our lives...

So I've decided to make #FunClub 2020 FREE - to help more people! So join us now & tell your friends! And together we can positively impact your energy, your vibe, your tribe, your outlook, your mindset, your fitness, your marriage…

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You'll get access to the FunClub 202 private facebook group and a weekly video or post with a 'fun focus' for the week - that you can do then or later. The main thing is to give you ideas & inspiration to have more fun in your daily life.

Ready for “More Fun” in 2020?

FunClub2020 has the power & potential to boost your resilience, happiness and even your health. Here’s how…

Join now for FREE (it's a private facebook group)and an awesome online community to help you have (and be) more fun in 2020. Why? Because I'm on a mission to massively raise the state of resilience and wellness on a global scale! And having FUN is not just for kids. Let's do this!

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4 Frequently Asked Questions

Who is FunClub for?

ANYONE who genuinely wants to have more fun in 2020. It's for men & women, adults, teens whoever... as long as they want to make it happen!

How does it work? (what do I need to do?)

It’s a private facebook group designed to give you Ideas, Inspiration & Connections to literally have more fun in 2020. You can be in the group as much or little as you like but ideally I'd recommend you pop into the group 1-2 times per week to check in, see what others are up to and let us know what fun stuff you've been up to too. I will post some tips & tasks as well as a few videos along the way to keep you motivated & moving forward. *Bonus* You will make connections online that will most likely lead to more in person connections & funclub experiences too.

What is the cost?

The cost is FREE at the moment but don't underestimate the impact.

Why should I do it?

Hey lovely I'm not a fan of the word 'should' so this is only for you if you WANT... more fun but here's what the research says about the impacts of more joy, happiness and fun on your life #justsayin Did you know… According to Help Guide 2019 play & Fun helps Relieve stress Boost endorphins, creativity Strengthens Relationships & connection Keep you feeling young & energetic. So if you want that... join!

Join & you’ll get weekly tips & inspiration on how you can have (and be) more fun in 2020. You’ll also get & connections to support you to make it happen!

So we help you do more fun stuff (whatever that means to you) then watch as this has a positive trickle down effect in so many other parts of your life!


FUNCLUB2020 - Online Membership

Ready for More Fun in 2020?

Who am I to do this?

Energy, Enthusiasm & Action are 3 words that friends & clients & colleagues would use to describe me. For most of my life I’ve been motivating & connecting people whether in the outdoors (as an Outward Bound Instructor) or on the stage (as a speaker) or via my book, blog & podcasts (If Only They’d Told Me and my business Go to Girl).

Inspiring people to Up their Brave, take action towards their goals & creating the life & vibe that they want is what fills my cup and it's kinda my super-power. A huge part of my "success" in business and life is down to fun - it's a non negotiable. So yes I'm an author and mentor and all that but I'm also a person like you who has put a few of my hobbies to the side for work or kids or whatever and it's time to shuffle fun to the top of the list! Plus when you have fun I have fun and I’m on a mission to change the state of health & happiness in NZ & the world and this is so align.

Book your spot for FUNCLUB2020.

Let's do this!

Here’s My Promise to You

“Together we will help you have MORE FUN and it will by default have a positive impact on those around you".

Here’s are some of the people in the group already…

Ruthie Stoffels is an animated & fun loving, eco minded mama of 2 boys. She is someone who loves having fun (and creating a bit of mischief). Ruthie was a make up artist & is now a sought-after photographer for family & business shoots – why? Because she’s so darn fun to be with!
I’m thrilled to welcome her as a member of the #FunClub group

Kamni Raju-Russell is a mum of 3 who lives in Blenheim, New Zealand. Kamni juggles her time between her 3 daughters, her Intimo (Bras & Briefs) business and her passion biz of up cycled furniture. “I started the up cycling because it was fun to me! Now I’m keen to do more fun stuff” Welcome Kamni – we’re pumped to have you in this group!

Yay so excited to welcome this fab lady Dee Mcquillan to the #funclub2020 🌟 Dee is a busy real estate agent w Bayleys & her and her girlfriend are committed to having “more adventures” this year (while the husbands care for the kids) so we’re going to make sure they do just that!

Josie is originally from Brazil and is now based in Waiuku Auckland. She’s the one I was talking about who signed up for pole dancing lessons! Josie is full of life and ready for more fun in 2020 both with her two young boys as well as in her business ‘Me Time with Josie” as well as with her friends old & new – welcome Josie we’re thrilled to have you on board.