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Hi gorgeous! Are You ready to Up Your Brave and Amplify your impact?

So you can get your message out on a bigger level and amplify your impact on the world.

You have SO MUCH amazing experience, insight and expertise to offer and a powerful message to share! The reality is most speakers/business owners have a 'gap' in either confidence, sharing their story in a way that really resonates, self-promotion, having something to sell, connections to get the gig... the list goes on.
If you're ready to raise your visibility and hone your message and speaking skills on stage or screen, let's work together to use your strengths and fill those gaps so that you can use your voice to have the positive impact you've been craving.

Want to know how we can help you Amplify your impact?

Discover the 6 STEPS to Amplify your IMPACT in your life and business. Hone your message, create invaluable connections and gain skills so you can FINALLY be seen & heard on a bigger level so you can have a bigger positive impact on the World!

Over the last 15 years as a facilitator, personal development mentor and professional speaker, I've been helping busy Business Owners and speakers to raise their resilience, hone their message and amplify their impact.

As result they have strengthened their connections, boosted their visibility and created opportunities to help more people.

I know the joys and challenges that come with speaking whether it be on facebook live, to small groups or speaking on stage. Having recorded as host and guest on over 200 podcasts, being interviewed on live TV and having spoken to audiences from 300 school children in New Zealand through to 4500 people in Sydney, Australia.

I've created a model that I call the 6 Steps to Amplify your IMPACT.

I'm excited to announce that the next 6 week Amplify program will kick off in May 2020. It's for people who want to Up their brave, raise their visibility, hone their message and speaking skills online, on stage and in the Media. Is that YOU?.

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6 Steps to hone your Message and Amplify Your Impact

Amplify Group Mentoring Program

starts May 2020

Let’s Amplify Your Impact as a Speaker/Guest Expert

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Hey lovely…Do you feel like you were meant for more?

Do you sometimes feel like you were meant for more? Not necessarily to 'do' more but to have more impact (and if you're honest more abundance). Are you tired of seeing other people on stage or being interviewed when you KNOW you've got so much to say and Gold to offer?

The desire to raise your visibility so that you can help people on a bigger scale has been there for a while... but somehow other things (and other people) took priority. The thousands of other tasks on your list that you felt you 'should' do meant you haven't had the time to focus on YOU - your message, your mission. Sounds to me like you're in the frustration zone!

And here's the great news... in that zone there are only 2 places to go... back to the 'should zone' (not recommended) or towards the #UpYourBrave zone. Sound good? Perhaps you've jotted down some ideas for a killer key note talk or youTube videos or facebook lives that you KNOW would resonate with so many but you've never taken the time to pull it all together. Another year's gone by and you're still here... same place as you were before.

I bet impacting thousands (not just a room full of 10-20 people) has always been on your mind because deep down you know that your message is amazing and needs to be heard, that amplifying that message online, stage, screen or media will change not only your life but countless others.

The fab news is there is a way for you to become known as the expert in your niche. The one that people go to for insight, advice and mentoring or to buy your product/program..

THIS is the time for you to boost your visibility and share your stories on a much bigger level. Up Your Brave, it's time to say what you WANT & make it happen! It's time to AMPLIFY.

Here’s My Promise to You

"At the end of Amplify, you’ll have your IMPACT strategy in place and you'll be ready to not just inspire but empower others so that you can have a bigger positive impact on the world"

“Nat has a remarkable talent for connecting people, I’ve been aspiring to take my speaking career to the next level for a while, but like all busy professionals juggling businesses and family, I’ve been time poor, my focus elsewhere so I’ve found it challenging to make ‘my’ dream a priority.
Nat has helped me understand how important it is to share your knowledge authentically, coached me to dive deeper into my ‘ideal’ audience and created a stellar team of talented individuals within the group to bounce ideas off and ask for honest feedback.
Making a commitment for 3 months to the amplify programme was one of my best decisions in 2017, I have a new found focus and desire to SPEAK, I know for certain what I want to achieve and it is so much easier with Nat as my wing-woman”

Carissa Fairbrother – Rival Wealth, Authorised Financial Adviser and Keynote Speaker

““I joined Natalie’s Amplify program to up-level my speaking skills and increase my confidence in front of larger audiences. The course exceeded my expectations! Natalie helped bring out the best in me in so many ways. She inspired me to completely update my website and make my branding and messaging across all my platforms clearer and more consistent. The bonus was getting spots on TWO national television shows and then being approached by a magazine to be their online spokesperson! I’m now producing daily Instagram videos to larger audiences than I ever imagined I would, all thanks to the support and information I received from Natalie. If you need someone to push you to achieving your wildest dreams and get you in front of your perfect audience, then I highly recommend working with Natalie!”.

Anne Cullen – Motherhood Mentor & Speaker

“I have participated in AMPLIFY with Natalie, and it’s been invaluable. True to her name of “Go to Girl,” Natalie connected me with people and opportunities that have led to various media appearances and these have enabled me to get my message of empowering women to ROCK their midlife to a far wider audience. Natalie is genuinely invested in her clients and I highly recommend AMPLIFY to anyone wanting their voice to be heard. “
After completing Amplify, Cat Coluccio from Rocking Midlife was featured on the AM show, Breakfast TV and NEXT magazine.”

Cat Coluccio – Speaker, Author & Impact Entrepreneur

“Nat is a power house of information, expertise and connections. Not only did she help me secure and prep for a tv and radio interview but we also re-worked my presentation and packages.”


Kimberlee Sweeney – Degrees of Separation, Certified Divorce Coach, Speaker & Guest Expert on Relationships


Here Are The 3 Reasons Why People Fail
to have the Impact they want

You care too much what other people think of you

Of course I invite you to care what others think, but I also invite you to care what YOU think more. If you're afraid of 'putting yourself out there' how are all of those people going to know you can help? Enough is enough. Let's do this!

You don’t know what you actually WANT

I get it... you've spent years (maybe decades) putting other people's expectations first. You've lived by words like 'just, need and should'. Honey, it's time to Up Your Brave, say what you WANT and make it happen! That's my super-power. Let's help you get clear on what you WANT (and how you want to feel and the impact you want to have) and let's reverse engineer from there.

Self Belief

Even though you know you want to get your message out on a bigger level, it's easy to let self doubt and wavering self belief hold you back. That's were we come in to get you prepped to be listened to and step in to the limelight you where you know you belong!

6 Steps to hone your Message and Amplify Your Impact

Amplify Group Mentoring Program

starts May 2020

Let’s Amplify Your Impact on stage, screen or media

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