I’m excited to meet you!

Hey there! If we haven't met or caught up in a while, I'm Natalie Cutler-Welsh (my husband and I fused our surnames). I'm a Canadian-Kiwi (born in Canada and my parents are from New Zealand). I'm the middle child and I've always loved the limelight and had an obsession to 'save the world'.

I've grown up a bit in my 46 years and rather than 'save' I'm now focussed on empowering people to take actions and have impact themselves. So I collaborate and mentor impact-driven business owners, speakers, coaches & teams who want to amplify their positive impact. Whether that impact be in the world or in their local community. Whether it be on stage, online or in the media, with their business or with their wellness.

I specialise in helping people to #UpTheirBrave, say what they want and make it happen! That's how I've raised my family too here are the rest of the C-W crew.

Here’s how I can help you…


1 SPEAKING Speaking and facilitating discussions on stage, screen or in the media is one way I can empower, entertain and inspire people to amplify their impact and up their brave in their own lives. I have a keynote called 'Up Your Brave' as well as a range of other topics I love to speak on including: Up Your Brand, Raising Resilience and the Wellness you WANT

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2 Amplify your Business Depending on your goals I can help you to Up your Brave and Amplify your impact through my Amplify online membership, group program, workshops or 1-1 mentoring. The focus is on helping you to hone your message and speaking skills on stage, screen or media so that you can grow your business and have a bigger impact on the world. Sound like you? Click to learn more...

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3 Amplify your Wellness Want better wellness or resilience in your life or business? I've got you covered. For Wellness, let's look at how you want to feel and what you can do in terms of your mindset, habits and using essential oils to help you have more energy, better sleep and to feel like the best version of YOU.

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Who am I

In my 15+ years as a mentor and speaker, the 'people' have changed (from students to Corporates, to mums to women in business etc) but the purpose and my mission has remained the same: To help people do & be more than they ever thought possible. They call me the 'Go to Girl' because so many people ask me "hey Nat, do you know someone who..." and usually I do. I'm a connector, a mover & a shaker, a change maker and a cheerleader for people who don't fully realise their greatness. I shine the light on their strengths and help them to amplify their message and mission. So in my own way I'm an expert in helping people say what they WANT and making it happen! In particularly to help them with resilience and wellness in their life, business or both.  

A few of my official titles include: Founder and Chief Connector at Go to Girl Ltd, co-author of parenting book, blog & podcast If Only They'd Told Me and a Diamond level DoTerra Wellness Advocate at Go to Girl Essential Wellness, Creator of Impact Entrepreneurs NZ and mother of 3.


Speaking & Workshops = my Happy Place

If you want to grow, evolve, and get the most from your life or business, you need to take action. I know it’s not easy. You may suffer from self-doubt, you may be fearful of what others think, or of failure. It’s time to get over your fears.

It’s time to ‘Up Your Brave’. I’ve lived by that motto (and it’s become my recipe for success and happiness) since moving from Canada to New Zealand to train as an outdoor instructor. It still inspires me today to empower others to live with courage and confidence.

I help people identify what they genuinely WANT and take action to make it happen. I work with people who are ready to shine.

A lot of people don’t do the things they really want to do in life or in business, because they’re afraid of looking bad.

They make excuses like: ‘I’m a perfectionist,’ or ‘I’m a people pleaser’.

In my keynote speeches, online programs and workshops, I show you how to move past your excuses and ‘Up Your Brave’.

I feel like I’ve come full circle since my first job as an instructor at Outward Bound where I encouraged people to push their limits. I walked the talk by competing in the Southern Traverse adventure race. It took five days and it was super hard but going through a challenge like that gives you a real sense of achievement.

The Southern Traverse was a piece of cake compared to the Christchurch earthquakes. Before the first one in September 2010, I said to my husband, ‘We need a plan in case anything happens.’ I was thinking about a fire or a robbery. I never expected a natural disaster but it meant when the earthquake hit we were prepared.

Then, in the space of a few hours in February 2011, my husband lost his job, I had to crawl along the ground to rescue my 2-year-old from our garage as Christchurch shook, and I gave birth to our third child. Three weeks later we moved to Auckland where we knew nobody and started a new life.

In 2012, I wrote a blog that turned into a parenting book and a podcast to help people thrive, not just survive the early years of parenting. Because I'm a connector, I set up a coffee group for Mums to talk about life and business.

I ran workshops to teach people how to use Facebook, social media and networking, and make it fun and fabulous.

I’ve hosted events for thousands of busy women and spoken on the AM Show and Seven Sharp.

Now, I’m on a mission to raise the state of health and happiness in New Zealand and beyond as a mentor, speaker and connector. 
If you, or someone you know is ready to ‘Up Your Brave’, let’s talk.

"Through her talks & workshops, Natalie is committed to helping people to 'Up their brave', say what they want and mapping a path to make it happen!

Through her work with families, entrepreneurs and essential oils, Natalie is on a mission to massively raise the state of resilience, health and happiness in New Zealand and on a Global scale.

Parenting Author

My co-author and co-podcaster Jacqui and I published 200 podcasts and a book focussed on helping parents 'from pregnancy to starting school'. All the things you wish you'd been told - it's called "If Only They'd Told Me".

Founder & Chief Connector at Go to Girl Ltd

When we moved to Auckland after the Christchurch earthquake, we essentially moved and started over. I created Go to Girl to help women in business, authors & speakers to connect and collaborate.

Give, Give, Get

Enough of the Give Give Give. I’ve seen thousands of busy women making themselves the last priority in their own lives (under the dog). It’s time to remember that in order to help people and have the impact you WANT, is being able to receive. I call it #GiveGiveGet.

YOU are the CEO of your own Life (and Pie)

If you find yourself in the 'should' or 'frustration' zone more than you like, it's time to remember that YOU are the CEO of your own life, decisions, attitude & gratitude. To get the the 'Impact zone' you need to own that and to #upyourbrave. Ditch the guilt and go for what you truly WANT.