Natalie Cutler-Welsh aka Go to Girl is The Up Your Brave Mentor, Speaker, Author & Guest Expert

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If you’re looking for someone to be soft and fluffy, I’m not your girl.
If you’re wanting someone who will tell it like it is, keep it fun and help you hone into what you genuinely WANT and make it happen – that’s my super power!

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Natalie Cutler-Welsh: Go to Girl

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In my 15+ years of personal development mentoring, speaking and working with busy mums and overwhelmed entrepreneurs, one of the things that pops up time and time again is that so many people aren't living out the goals and dreams they set for themselves and they're not having the IMPACT that they want to have. I call it their "Personal Impact Factor" and that is the measure by which you're able to positively impact the world. And within this, people tend to be living their lives in one of 4 "zones" and 3 of them aren't serving them.

I'm here to help them raise their personal impact factor so they can live life in what I call the 'Up Your Brave' zone. This is where you're living life guided by empowered choices and intentional actions. You're not guided by obligation, duty, bitterness or resentment but rather by doing what you genuinely WANT. Both in the big picture of life as well as in those micro moments. Having had 3 setbacks with wellness (back injuries), survived an earthquake and had my boy lose all his hair to alopecia, I know what it's like to re-prirotise and re-introduce yourself to the world.

If you're looking for someone to be soft and fluffy, I'm not your girl. If you're wanting someone who will tell it like it is, keep it fun, keep it real and help you hone into what you genuinely WANT and to make it happen - that's my super power!

I don't want to be famous, I just want to change the world. My super power is mentoring & motivating people to Up their brave, say what they want and make it happen! To absolutely Amplify their impact in their own life and in the world!

I'm proud to be the Founder and Chief Connector at Go to Girl Ltd, co-author of parenting book, blog & podcast If Only They'd Told Me, a Diamond level DoTerra Wellness Advocate at Go to Girl Essential Wellness and founder of Impact Entrepreneurs NZ.

Supporter of I Got Your Back Pack, The Bridge The Gap Project, B1G1 Business for Good and other initiatives aimed at raising the state of resilience, health and happiness in New Zealand.

My Mission is to help people Up their Brave and Amplify their impact