Natalie Cutler-Welsh aka Go to Girl is The Up Your Brave Speaker, Coach & Connector

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Want to Amplify your Impact, Business or Wellness?

Hi lovely! I see you there... wanting to have more positive Impact on the world but not sure HOW... Maybe it's with your message, business or speaking, or maybe it's through better connecting with others or maybe it's amplifying your wellness...

I'm excited to help you #UpYourBrave and Amplify your Impact, Business, Wellness or all three!

I'm on a mission to massively raise the stat of Resilience, Health & Happiness on a Global scale. I do this in a few ways . call myself an 'Impact Entrepreneur'

Over the past 15+ years as a speaker, visibility & resilience coach and mentor I've been helping people like you to do and be more than they ever thought possible!

I'd love to empower you too to Up Your Brave, say what you WANT and make it happen! If that speaks to you I'm your girl!

You can start with my free Amplify facebook group or if you want specific help to Amplify your impact on stage, screen or media you can dive in to my Amplify membership or mentoring.

Either way... the wait is over and the time is now. Let's do this!

PS. If you're wanting more visibility and you're ready to see the gaps in your business/message and take empowered action, book your free Impact Strategy Assessment with me.

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If you’re looking for someone to be soft and fluffy, I’m not your girl.

If you’re wanting someone who will tell it like it is, keep it fun and help you hone into what you genuinely WANT and help you make it happen – that’s my super power!

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Amplify Membership: Group mentoring

Imagine this... more confidence presenting online or in person 🎤 more impact 🌟 and more of your absolutely ideal clients reaching out to you because they know YOU are the one who can help.

If you’re a business owner, speaker, coach or consultant, let’s help you to hone your message & offerings and truly Amplify your Impact 💥

This is the Amplify Membership. On tap video, inspiration & accountability to help you get your message out on stage, screen & media. A private fb community & 2 x per month zoom sessions where you’ll get group mentoring, masterminding and motivation to help you elevate your skills, raise your resilience and visibility in an ever-changing world.

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#UpYourBrave Livestream panel discussions to help raise the state of resilience, health & happiness on a global scale.

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My Mission is to help people Up their Brave and Amplify their impact and together we can Massively raise the state of resilience, health & happiness on a Global level.